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25 May 2021 by Olga Brighton

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With the vaccination rollout gaining momentum, travelers are hoping that it’s now time to take that well-deserved holiday and think about the return of international travel, as countries improve their safety outlooks. The pandemic has left us all pining for some overseas leisure time, and whether you’ll travel by car, plane, or boat, there is a plethora of safety guidelines aimed at maintaining safe movement, lowering the risk of infection and slowing down the global Covid phenomenon.

The COVID passport could be part of the solution for those wanting to travel, but clearly a combined series of measures will be required on an ongoing basis to aid safe travel in a post Covid world. So how can you best ensure you follow those recommended precautions and guidelines as thoroughly as possible? Your smartphone can help provide easy access to information that can help protect your and your travel companions. We’ve compiled a list of useful covid apps to use for planning your safe trip.

Useful Covid Travel Apps for Your Next Trip

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The UK NHS App provides current advice and information on Covid symptoms, and other medical conditions. It provides trusted advice and information on hundreds of conditions and provides advice and guidance on where to get help if you’re in the UK.


Re-Open Europe

In the wake of the pandemic, the EU commission launched this program and application. Re-open EU will be invaluable if you want to travel to the EU. Available in multiple languages, the information portal can also be accessed online. The app features infection and epidemiological data country by country and region by region. It also features centralized information on COVID measures and rules, including quarantine and testing requirements.


Travel booking app


Google Maps

Google, as always, is at the helm of technological advances. The Google Maps app introduced a COVID-19 layer that features an array of information that may interest someone traveling. Depending on the region, you may get additional information. The layer features a view of the seven-day average of cases in the area. Google Maps has also made easy access for businesses to update their safety measures and working hours, so you are on top of things if you want to visit any establishment. Other options include lists of restaurants that have takeout options and notifications if any points at your route are affected by COVID. It even has real-time tracking of how crowded places are, so you can opt whether to avoid a particular location at particular times. Its a must-have coronavirus app.


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Travel Centre by IATA

Travel has never been harder, and it may require different documents in different countries or airports. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing 82% of total air traffic. The IATA Travel Centre developed this app to deliver clear and concise information on travel requirements and documents. The easy-to-use app collects data from more than 1,600 sources, including immigration offices, major airports, and government bodies. Regularly updated with the latest currency changes, custom processors, and health regulations at your finger tips.


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FCDO Travel Advice

Wherever you travel and wherever you’re going, the FCDO provides an A to Z country guide on current information on coronavirus, safety and security and travel warnings. Aimed at UK residents, it's an official and invaluable source for a quick overview of a location and the current situation and safety level.

To Wrap Up

Being safe during your trip is a top priority. These coronavirus apps can make your life easier, and they can help you make informed decisions on how to stay safe. Wherever you wish to travel, be aware of the travel requirements from where you are travelling from and to, and be mindful of what the local situation is and the local resources and facilities that are available. Experts say that travelling after you have been fully vaccinated will be your safest bet, so you’re safeguarded as fully as possible against this deadly virus that is still shaking the world to its core. Don’t forget to get your travel insurance as soon as you book your trip. With Globelink, you get Covid cover for free with all our policies. Whenever and wherever you choose to travel, make informed decisions; think ahead; expect the unexpected and plan for it!


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