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Famous Places in Spain

Famous Places in Spain

19 April 2009 by Anna Staford

Travelling to Spain

Below you can find a short description on some of the many famous places in Spain. Spain offers everything, from flamenco dancing shows to excursions and cultural visits to Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Granada, Barcelona and many other places. Almost every town in Spain is famous and of high tourist interest.


In Barcelona tourists are offered guided city tours, private tours, guided visits to the prominent monuments and visits to nearby towns of high historical interest.


Cordoba sightseeing

You can take a tour in the centre of Cordoba which boasts numerous monuments such as the old Moorish Mezquita, the Alcazar fortress and the Synagogue.

Costa del Sol, Fuengirola, Marbella & Torremolinos

Throughout Costa del Sol you can book such tours as shopping and sightseeing in Gibraltar, a guided trip to Morocco , trips to nearby towns of interest and visits to the country side.

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In the town of Granada tourists are offered guided tours to the famous Alhambra and Generalife palace and fortress, a historical guided tour through the old part of the town and visits to nearby towns of interest.


If you are going to this famous place in Spain you can pre-book club entrance and save money and time queuing.


Madrid activities

In Madrid you can enjoy a number of activities like guided visits to the many popular museums, flamenco shows, bullfighting events, Madrid by night, visits to nearby towns or if you prefer to discover Madrid on your own you can buy the Madrid Card that offers admission to over 40 museums, free bus trips and much more.


In Malaga you can make a guided sightseeing tour and enjoy the activities arranged in the nearby tourist areas of Costa del Sol, Fuengirola, Torremolinos and Marbella.

Santiago de Compostela

In Santiago de Compostela you can also take a guided trip to Finisterre and trips to different places of interest in Galicia and Protugal. These activities include guided visits to famous museums, monuments and historic places. The major advantage of taking these tours is that you will be accompanied by a professional guide who has a profound knowledge of the town and the history behind the attraction. By taking guided tours you will get a better understanding of the Spanish culture and will get to know some of the many beautiful attractions of Spain.

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Daily tours to famous places in Spain

You can be offered a number of different tours to famous places, which are located nearby your main destination. These tours are a great way to see other parts of Spain , get to know other tourists and a perfect get-away for a day. You will be accompanied by a professional guide at all times plus the excursions normally include lunch in a typical Spanish restaurant.

Flamenco Dancing Show

Flamenco Show Spain

It is a must for foreigners travelling to Spain to see one of the classic flamenco shows, which have their origin fom the gipsy population in Andalucia.

Night Tours

A guided night tour is a good way to get to know other people, to get introduced to the most popular places, to go out at night, and to get to know about the famous Spanish fiesta.


Those who have not understood Corrida would never understand Spaniards ?? The words of the noble Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorka. These words also belong to Lorka: corrida is the biggest and the most poetical value of Spain. Spain is impossible to imagine without corrida. It is a way of life. Corrida appeared here in the middle ages. Till the XVIII century only single riders took part in it but with the popularity increase of this event riders were replaced by pedestrian fighters.

Goya and Picasso, Rembrandt and Hemingway and many other famous artists of Spain were fond of Corrida or "tavromakhy" - the fight of the bulls. They perceived it like a part of the culture of the country, national character, and traditions. Bulls are specially raised for this event on the farms of Andalusia and Castalia. They enjoy liberty for two years and after the connoisseurs decide if the bull can take part in the fight. But only a four year old bull whose weight is about 450 kilos can be taken to one of the arenas of the country. Federico Garcia Lorka once said death comes to the arena surrounded by magnificent beauty. The corrida season begins in Valencia in March and ends in Madrid and Saragossa in October.

Spain activities

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