travelling to spain with pet

Travelling to Spain with your pet?

07 April 2009 by Anna Staford

Travelling to Spain

If your pet is a dog or a cat

Dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies. You must show proof of this with the vaccination record and veterinary certificates. Make sure your certificates are valid for the dates of your visit.

If your pet is an endangered species

Then you will not be able to travel with your pet, since Spain has signed international agreements for the protection of endangered species.

Useful to know

Finally, it is useful to have on hand the emergency veterinary telephone number of the town you are visiting.

Besides meeting the entry requirements for pets, please note that:

  • Muzzles are mandatory in some Autonomous Communities in Spain.
  • The animal should be identified with a microchip or a tattoo.
  • You need to carry them in a pet carriage.
  • Not all accommodations allow pets.
  • Most restaurants do not allow pets.

We recommend you call your accommodation and the transport companies you are using to ask about their pet policy.

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