Canada Budget Travel Tips

18 Feb 2016 by Olga Brighton

Travelling to Canada

Canada on a budget may be difficult to achieve, especially as the Canadian dollar has drawn balance with many world currencies. But as the country offers stunning and incredible outdoor experiences, with Niagara Falls, breathtaking views of British Columbia, and the beautiful culture of Montreal, who wouldn't want to spend a few days in this country?

Fortunately, there is no need to empty your savings account just to have fun in this country. When looking for a cheap vacation in Canada, the key lies on planning, execution, and relying on alternative ways to save on the trip.

Here is the top 5 Canada travel tips to enjoy this amazing country.

1. Check and learn the Canadian holidays

Canadian holidays

Budget holidays in Canada can be a possibility if your trip does not fall on an actual Canadian holiday. For example, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving every second Monday of October, unlike their American counterpart. It is way cheaper to go in off peak months rather than peak season as hotel rates, plane tickets, and almost everything sell for a lower cost.

2. Look for an alternative airports

Check the listing of your favourite airlines if they have access to another airport rather than the bigger thoroughfares such as Toronto or Vancouver. It can provide at least a quarter of the amount on plane tickets, which you may use to sightsee or try succulent meals offered in famous Canadian eateries.

3. Make use of public transportation in the city and try to book a room out of the Downtown area


With large cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, and Vancouver, price of accommodations may get pricey especially if the place you want to stay in is located downtown. Save more by spending a night or two in other neighbourhoods that have easy access to the big cities. You can even find a free outdoor activity by being adventurous with your hotel choices.

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4. Have fun looking for local eats and favourite hang-out places

If there's one thing that will surely make a traveller save on his trips, it is following what the locals do. From drinking Tim Horton's coffee to getting "beaver tail", a savoury fried dough, nothing spells savings better than having cheap thrills but satisfying finds.Tourists can also apply this to drinking in pubs or bars. Drinking out and hanging in places where the locals frequent may be actually cheaper than having a glass or two in your chosen accommodation.

5. Google attraction sites online and consider guided tours as it may be a cheaper alternative

Canada guided tours

If you plan on making a DIY trip, it is best to check out the websites of the places you plan to visit. Some may give out discounts for pre-booking or you might get coupons that can earn you more savings on ticket prices.It is also advisable to check out guided tours such as wildlife viewing, Niagara Falls experience, and boat rides. These tours may offer an everything included package which can surely decrease your expenses.

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