Top 10 Travel Destinations in Switzerland

12 Mar 2015 by Olga Brighton

Travelling to Switzerland

Switzerland boasts so many picturesque cities and towns, set among the mountains and the lakes that it is hard to choose one destination to visit. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Switzerland.

1. Lausanne

One of the most scenic cities located on the shores of Lake Geneva, Lausanne is also a gateway to a number of the best ski slopes in the world. This gem of the Swiss Riviera boasts a magnificent cathedral and landscape that has inspired literary geniuses like Byron, Hemingway and the Shelleys.

2. Interlaken

Interlaken visit

Once the centre of watch making, Interlaken is now known as the major resort city. Here you can go skiing or partake of spa treatments while enjoying the stunning views of the most famous Swiss mountains.

3. Geneva

Home to the headquarters of the most influential international organisations, Geneva is also known as the city of parks. It would be perfect to explore this green city by bike and then take a boat ride on the lake.

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4. Zurich

One of the larger cities in Switzerland, Zurich boasts over 100 art galleries and more than 50 museums. But this city is not only a cultural capital, but also a shopping and nightlife centre.

5. Zermatt

A small town near the Matterhorn, one of the highest Swiss mountains, is a perfect destination for skiers in winter and hikers in summer. Since gasoline-driven cars are prohibited, you will enjoy the walks around this scenic area.

6. Lugano

Lugano visit

Dating back to the 9th century, this city in the Italian speaking region boasts many sites of Swiss heritage. It is a home to several museums, libraries, cathedrals and festivals.

7. Jungfrau Region

Once visited only by the hardcore adventurers, this area is now easily accessible, one way is by the one of the most scenic rail trips. Jungfrau Region consists of four picturesque towns and is blessed by three imposing mountains – Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

8. Lake Geneva

Apart from the city Geneva, most destinations in this region are either in the Vaud canton or in France. With the green plains in the southwest Alps and the Jura mountains in the north, Lake Geneva region is a home to some of the most elegant cities in Europe.

9. Bern

Bern visit

Dating back to the 12th century this picturesque medieval city boasts a range of attractions for various tastes. The ancient clock tower of Zytglogge, gothic cathedral of the Munster and the gorgeous town hall are only a few of the must-see monuments of Swiss heritage. Shopping lovers will be pleased to know that Berne boasts the longest covered shopping area in Europe.

10. Lucerne

One of the most picturesque cities of the world, Lucerne justifies its popularity with the stunningly elegant architecture and amazing natural scenery. Walk the 14th century Chapel Bridge and don’t forget to take a photo with the famous Water Tower. In the evening relax in the Swiss restaurant and enjoy a bite of Luzerner Chügelipastete – local specialty made of mushrooms, puff pastry and veal.

This list is far from complete, as Switzerland is dotted with hundreds of must-visit destinations. Old towns and villages, majestic mountains and alpine hills, turquoise lakes and crystal creeks - choose your own favourite spot on the map of this amazing country.

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