Customs Regulations in Thailand

09 Apr 2009 by Olga Brighton

Travelling to Thailand

Prohibited items

All kinds of narcotics (hemp, opium, cocaine, morphine, heroin), obscene literature, pictures, articles are prohibited items.


Importation of firearms and ammunition can be done only after a permit has been obtained from instruments may be brought in free of duty.


One still-camera or one movie camera can be brought duty-free. Five rolls of still-camera film or three rolls of 8 or 16 mm. movie-camera films may be brought in free of duty.

alcohol thailand

Tobacco, alcohol

Cigarettes, cigars, or smoking tobacco each or in total must not exceed 250 grams in weight but cigarettes not more than 200 in quantity. One liter both of wine or alcohol may be brought duty-free.

Household effects

A reasonable amount of used household effects are also free of duty. If you are bringing in prescription drugs ask your doctor for a note detailing the drugs you are taking.


Antiques may only be taken out of Thailand with a certificate from the Fine Arts Department in Bangkok. A reputable dealer will be able to offer advice on the practicality of obtaining this certificate. Buddha statues old or other, may not be taken out of the country. (This does not apply to the very small items found in gift shops).

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