10 Worst Travel Mistakes Practically All Tourists Make

15 Aug 2017 by Olga Brighton

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Most of us think we are too smart to make travel mistakes, but unfortunately, none of us are immune, especially if we are visiting somewhere for the first-time. It’s also likely that we are guilty of committing the same travel mistake over and over again.

See if you are guilty of making travel mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. Over packing

Travel packing

Many airlines charge a lot if your baggage goes over the weight limit. Learn to travel light with the right luggage. Light baggage will also give you less trouble when you’re transferring from one place to another. Also see 6 things you didn't know about packing and there are 20 step by step instructions of how to pack your bag.

2. Not getting travel insurance

Unfortunately, many travellers don’t see this as essential. This is a big mistake when you consider what might go wrong and how much it could cost while overseas. That’s aside from the stress of not having the support of the insurance companies Assistance Company to help you. What happens if you get sick abroad, or your luggage goes missing, or is stolen? The most comprehensive and best travel insurance policies account for such emergencies.

3. Not planning your telecom and internet connectivity while abroad

You may get a nasty shock if you don’t do your research in advance and have the right, cost effective plan in place, to avoid huge roaming charges. Most UK carriers now don’t charge extra within Europe, but its best to check, depending on where you are travelling and who your telecoms provider is. It may be worth getting a local SIM while you’re traveling and make the most of free WiFi, so you can communicate through WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Viber.

4. Cramming in too many activities

Travel activities

It’s always tempting to try and do everything in your chosen destination, however, this is close to impossible and you might end up not enjoying anything. Just choose a few must-see destinations and take the time to enjoy them to the full.

5. Travelling during peak season

There are many disadvantages when you travel during the peak season and if you can possibly avoid it, you should. Flights, tours, and accommodation will be at its highest price and the location will be at its most crowded. Check out the off-season possibilities if you can. Before you go, read about 5 risky travel habits we hate but still do.

6. Not changing money in advance / not having local currency

If you wait until you get to the airport, or arriving at your destination, you will not get the best exchange rate and this will cost you your hard earned holiday money. Check in advance for who is offering the best exchange rate because they do vary. This will also save you time when you reach your destination and the stress of not having sufficient local currency when you arrive.

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7. Not printing your itinary

Don’t just rely on electronic devices when it comes to flight/hotel reservations. You never know what might go wrong. Have a back-up paper copy of your travel itinerary and accommodation booking details.

8. Not knowing local customs

Local customs

It’s wise to learn a little about local customs and maybe learn a few phrases in the local language. This will help you demonstrate your respect for the country you are visiting and its people. Certain actions and gestures have different meanings in other cultures, so avoid committing any huge faux pas while you’re travelling.

9. Only looking through your camera lens

It's sometimes easy to spend too long taking pictures and viewing the wonderful scenery through your camera lens instead of fully appreciating the location with your own two eyes. Don’t get obsessed with documenting everything that happens. You are there to experience the place, so relax and put your camera down occasionally. Avoid The most risky travel selfies not worth taking.

10. Forgetting to bring electrical adapters

This is a very common mistake and can be both frustrating and expensive. Check in advance what type of electrical outlet is used and take enough adaptors to avoid a juggle between your electronic devices. Carry them in your hand luggage and carry a portable charger too – just in case!

Wherever you plan to travel, visit the Foreign & Commonwealth (FCO) website before you travel for advice on health and safety abroad.

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