5 Websites that Help to Have a Perfect Flight

04 Nov 2015 by Olga Brighton

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Saving on flights is always a bonus no matter what your travel budget is. And it’s also good if you can find the best seat and avoid jetlag to make your trip perfect. Luckily, there are many good websites offering you significant help in finding, comparing and, finally, getting the best out of your journey. You may also want to check these websites which will definitely make traveling easier for you.



This is one of the world leading travel search websites. It provides an instant online comparison of millions of flights dealing with more than thousand airlines globally. Besides, car hire and hotels are also on there.Willing to offer you the very best deal, Skyscanner shows the prices across a whole month or even a year allowing to compare and make the right decision. No extra fees are added to the price since you always book directly with the airline or travel agent. Once you find the deal you want to buy, you’ll be automatically redirected to the airline website to make a purchase.In case you are uncertain about your travel destination, there is a special option showing all possible flights from your city.



As a customer-oriented online travel company, Hipmunk focuses on the visual organisation of flight search results. The site itself and its mobile app save much time by quickly comparing top travel sites for you. State your search parameters and get beautifully designed and comprehensive results that bring travel options from commercial flights to trains to charter flights.Browsing the website is easy and fun while the information is accurate and full.



This flight search engine gets you strictly to the point right as you visit the website. You'll see the map indicating you location and the list of flights available from where you are including prices. Along with that, you can easily mark the starting point and the destination on the map to find the flight options. The special feature of Kiwi is that it picks the cheapest flights among the whole range of them, so you need to just pick the best from the best. There is also a useful mobile application from Kiwi to make it even more convenient.



This website features aircraft seat maps, seat reviews and a color-coded system to get familiar with superior and substandard seats. Furthermore, here you find the information about in-flight amenities, airline specific information regarding baggage, Check-in, travelling with infants or pets.In fact, every traveller can contribute to the site information sharing his or her knowledge about the real truth on seat width, pitch and comfort.

Jet Lag Rooster


If you’ve ever experienced jet lag, you’ll find this site very helpful. Simply enter your trip details and get your personal jet lag plan to follow. The plan is easy and the result is definitely worth it. Feeling good both during the flight and afterwards lets you enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Use the web resources above to plan your next trip down to the smallest details and do not forget to obtain a suitable travel insurance policy just to make your trip worry-free before or during your flight.

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