Top 7 Food Festivals in Europe for 2018

12 Apr 2018 by Olga Brighton

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Food is pretty much life itself, and if you consider yourself a true foodie then Europe is most definitely a top destination for you. Europe is home to some of the most diverse and imaginative cuisine in the world. Each year, you will find some of the finest food festivals in Europe on the planet. So, as a practicing foodie, pack your case, book your tickets, don’t forget your travel insurance, and check out these amazing European food festivals.

1. Gouda Cheese Market, Netherlands

Gouda cheese market

The Netherlands is among the world’s most popular tourist destinations, and for good reason. It is beautiful, culturally diverse and there’s plenty to do. The weather is mild, and of course, there’s the cheese markets. Perhaps not technically a festival, the Gouda Cheese Market is a true spectacle to behold.

Each Thursday the market brings together cheese manufacturers from across the country to sell their wares. Not only can you purchase amazing Gouda cheese, you can also learn the craft of cheese-making in one of the many workshops. You can even learn some historical facts about cheese and cheese-making in the region. Running from April to August, entry is free and there are plenty of cheese-based treats to tuck into.

2. Streeat Food Truck Festival, Italy

This festival travels around Italy and is perfect for anyone that loves street food. The street food movement is now bigger than ever, so think of this as the ultimate food festival on four wheels. It offers you the chance to enjoy some of the best street food that Italy has to offer. Whether you want pizza, pasta, or gelato with a twist, this is the perfect festival for you. As well as the food, there’s also the trucks to enjoy, which are well worth seeing in their own right. And while you are in Italy, try these 6 foods before going home.

3. Slow Fish Festival, Genoa

Fish festival

If you find yourself in Genoa, or if you need an excuse to visit Genoa, the Slow Fish Festival is a seafood lover’s dream. Situated in the heart of Genoa, the festival is designed to not only allow you to sample delicious seafood dishes, but also to educate you about sustainable fishing. With free-entry, you can enjoy fresh seafood caught at Genoa’s old port. Just some of the treats available include delicious seafood paella, with the freshest, most succulent seafood you could ever wish for.

4. Isle of Wight Garlic Festival

When we think of people booking travel insurance and packing their cases to jet off abroad, we think Spain, Portugal, and other mainland Europe locations. The Isle of Wight however, has remained popular over the years and if you love garlic, then the Isle of Wight Garlic Festival is one for you. Set in stunning rural countryside, this festival is the mecca for garlic lovers. Not only can you purchase rare and exotic varieties such as black garlic, but you can also sample amazing garlic-based dishes like garlic potatoes, garlic and herb pasta, and of course, garlic bread. There’s even the chance to sample unusual garlic-infused dishes like garlic fudge, popcorn, and ice cream. With a beer tent, live music, and more, this is the perfect summer day out for all ages.

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5. Honfleur Shrimp Festival, France

We couldn’t talk about delicious European food without featuring France. Notoriously the most talented cooks on the face of the earth, they wont disappoint. Travel to Normandy in October for the Honfleur Shrimp Festival where you can enjoy fresh shrimp, shrimp-based dishes, freshly baked breads, cold cuts of meat, cheese, pastries, and plenty of wine, beer, and cider. There is even a shrimp-peeling contest as well as an arts and crafts market.

6. The Big Feastival, England

The Big Feastival

As it was founded by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, along with former Blur-Bassist and now cheese-maker Alex James, you can probably guess that this food festival is going to be something special. Held in the stunning Cotswolds on Alex’s own farmland, this is the perfect UK summer’s day out for the family. Think of this as a food/music festival hybrid, as there are live performances from some of the biggest names in the music industry. As for the food, you can enjoy locally sourced delicious burgers, barbeque meats, seafood, baked goods, pizzas, artisan breads, and much, much more besides. There are even live cooking demos and workshops hosted by TV celebrity chefs.

7. O Grove Seafood Festival, Spain

Finally, if Spain is high on your list of priorities, then be sure to check out the O Grove Seafood festival. Held on the Atlantic coast close to the Portuguese border, each October you will find one of the biggest seafood festivals in the world. Here chefs will battle it out to create innovative and delicious seafood dishes, all set to a stunning backdrop of folk music and dancing.

Wherever you chose to go for a splendid foodie experience, research carefully in advance to get the best out of your trip and include checking the latest travel advice to stay safe and prepared for your amazing trip.

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