7 Tips for Those Afraid of Flying

02 Dec 2015 by Olga Brighton

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Even the most experienced travellers have a certain degree of flying fear. Statistics show that at least one in six adults are afraid to fly and even 40% of all airline crew also suffer from this issue. The point is to recognise this fear and get it under control. So read these 7 tips to put your mind at ease. You may also be interested in 5 Websites that Help to Have a Perfect Flight.

Get ready to your flight

to do

Planning ahead and being organised in advance will help keep you calm and feel in control. So make a list of items to pack and things to do before you leave and when you need to do them. This will help you stay occupied and feel completely organised and ready when the day comes.

Relax and refocus

To overcome your cycle of worry and nervous energy, try to shift attention to something you enjoy, like listening to your favourite music, watching a movie, talking to friends, taking a walk, making a list of things you need to do. Refocusing goes a long way towards keeping you positive and avoiding fear occupying your mind. To learn more about how to make your flight better click here.

Remember the positives


Why you choose this destination? What is waiting for you there? Try to think about future destinations you would like to visit and why. This will help put your fears into perspective. Think about at least three positive reasons for taking this trip to help calm your nerves. No matter what your positive reasons are, keep running through them before and during your journey and let go of all the negative thoughts.

People watch at the airport


You are one of thousands of travellers heading to a different destination. Once you are through check-in and security, find a seat and sit back and people watch. Think of what their stories are, why they might be travelling, who with and why. Helping someone in need could also distract you, whether this is allowing a family cut in the queue, or someone with their luggage.

Relax your mind and draw on inner strength

Whether this is through meditation, a prayer, or simply focussing your mind – try to draw on some guiding force that you believe is positive, or empty your mind and relax while drawing on your own inner strength.

Spoil yourself a little


Once through check-in and security, treat yourself to a little frivolous luxury. Whether it’s a magazine, a delicious snack, a gift from Duty Free – spoil yourself a little bit so your mind begins associating travel with positive things. This will also take up some time to avoid nerves setting in.

Act as if you have no fear

Regardless of how you feel, try acting with confidence. Smile at your seatmate, thank flight attendants before your trip begins while you are getting on board. Displaying a positive, confident attitude may help you avoid giving into nerves.

So admit your fear, take a common sense approach and avoid it stopping you from exploring the world. Globelink International wishes you to have a safe flight and enjoyable trip!

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