All You Need to Know About Saving Money at the Airport [Infographic]

21 Jul 2015 by Olga Brighton

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Your bags are checked, long lines are behind you and your flight doesn’t board for another hour and a half. Naturally, your eyes start to wander to the mind boggling array of shops and cafés. When you’re hungry, your nose will easily trace the scent of fresh latte and a tasty sandwich that will probably cost you a small fortune. Check out our essential travel money tips and save money at the airport when you're travelling abroad. Tips to Save Money at the Airport

Pack Your Own Snacks

Food is much more expensive at the airports because the operating expenses are much higher. And this usually leaves us with two options – stay hungry or go for broke. Luckily you can avoid both by eating before you leave for the airport. This way you will be immune to the temptation to spend your money on the array of overpriced foods. Don’t forget to pack your own snacks just in case you do get hungry at the airport or on board.

Exchange Your Money

If you need to exchange currency for your overseas trip, do it before leaving for the airport, because transaction fees at the airport are excessively high.

Avoid the Gift Shops

Airport gift shops

Almost everything you’ll find at the airport will be available in your travel destination or in online stores at much cheaper prices.

Check Your Bags Online

Some airlines offer discounts if you check in your bags online. Some people manage to avoid checking bags at all, but if you have to, you can avoid paying extra.

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Pack Light

Many airlines don’t let the first bag checked to go through without payment. You may have to pay around £30 for a bag, and even more for an overweight suitcase. Try to pack all of your essentials into a carry-on to avoid baggage fees altogether.

Bring Something to Read

In the hassle of packing and travel arrangements it’s easy to forget about the waiting we all have to endure sometimes at the airport. With nothing to do before the boarding starts, we’ll naturally be drawn to the latest magazines and bestsellers at the airport press stand. Like all the other products at the terminal, they will most likely be excessively expensive. So try to bring your own reading material and any other personal entertainment.

Pack an Empty Water Bottle

Water bottle for travelling

Go with an empty water bottle through security, and then fill it with water at the water fountain when you’re inside the terminal. It will help you save money you’d spend on the overpriced water and reduce the waste.

Take Out Travel Insurance Policy

Depending on your trip type, its length, your age and other factors, choose the policy that will fit your needs best. Some policies will financially protect you from cancellations, delayed departures and scheduled airline failures.

Pack a Safety Kit

Bring hand sanitizer, bandages, headache and cold medicine. Don’t forget to pack your prescription medicine into your carryon. Of course, some medicine will be available at the airport, but they are likely to cost two or three times more than those you get from your local pharmacy.

Review the Airline Policies

Make sure you know what items are banned on a flight before you start packing. Something from your makeup bag could be mercilessly thrown away for violating regulations, so you’ll have to spend money on replacements once you arrive only to throw them again on your way back.

Spending money at the airport is one of the easiest ways to cut your travel budget before your trip even starts. A little preparation and awareness will easily help you save money which can then be used on the holiday itself.

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