5 Cheapest Ways of Travelling Around Europe

04 Aug 2014 by Olga Brighton

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Europe is a major dream destination for many travellers around the world due to its rich history, incredible cultural diversity and its own very unique charm. If you think a trip to Europe is far beyond your budget keep on reading and make sure it’s not.


Cheap Bus

Buses are the most popular means of transport due to their low prices. If in UK, use Megabus and a trip, for example, from London to Edinburgh will cost about 15 GBP which is much cheaper than any other options. Euroline is also inexpensive and quick way to travel to more than 50 cities of Europe, so if you plan to visit many places book the tickets online and save on it. PolskiBus proves that cheap can be even cheaper. Their options are vast e.g. you can check the free seats, compare journey offers, buy, change, cancel and get any information you need.


Cheap Car

Hiring a car is flexible and convenient way to travel, especially if you’re travelling with at least one other person. With Auto Europe you’ll pay 17$ per day in Spain or 18$ per day in France. If you travel in Europe with 3 or 4 people it may be essential to hire a camper van from, for example, Wicked Campers. The longer your trip and the earlier you book, the lesser is the price. Sometimes you can hire it paying a fantastic 1 GBP if they need their vehicle back to some place and you’re lucky to head to the same location. Bla Bla Car connects people who drive and have free seats with people who need a ride. Drive from Bristol to London for just 8 GBP. Many people prefer hitchhiking as a way to know the locals, to communicate and discover places you haven’t even thought of seeing. Most people say you won’t wait for more than 20 minutes, and the chances to catch a ride go higher if you have some extraordinary poster to grab drivers’ attention.


Cheap Train

Travelling by train may be the most expensive but if you prefer this mean of transport there’re some beneficial options like Rail Europe. A trip from Venice to Florence will cost 25 Euro and there are sales available depending on the year period and time of booking. Also try Red Spotted Hankey which deals with all train operating companies in Britain.


Cheap Airlines

Budget airlines can be the quickest and cheapest way to travel around Europe. Easy Jet, Transavia, Ryanair, WizzAir and Vueling bring you anywhere you want in Europe including some rare and off the beaten track places for a good price. Note that using such cheap flights you may find yourself arriving in a remote part of the country and thus pay more for getting where you need to be. To get the lowest price you need either to book early (not less than one month before a flight) or to grab one of the last tickets available literally on the eve of the departure.

More advice

  • Of course, Paris and Rome are great but try visiting other Europe marvels which are less beaten and not less beautiful like Dubrovnik or Krakow
  • Be independent and avoid travel packages. It’s much more pleasant to let the new city introduce itself to you than looking at all the sights possible in a rush of one day from the bus window
  • Walk instead of using public transport or taxi to spend nothing and to see everything, order to go and eat in the park enjoying the surroundings and avoiding high bills
  • Send romantic and old-fashioned postcards instead of buying expensive souvenirs
  • Couch surf and avoid hotels to get to know the real life, locals, food and traditions

Plan beforehand, compare options, contact experienced travellers using blogs or forums, find likeminded enthusiasts, be positive and have a Euro trip of your dream!

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