4 Ways to Attract Pickpockets on a Business Trip

24 Oct 2017 by Olga Brighton

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When you travel overseas, there are four things that you need to protect most – your personal safety, your travel documents like passport and visa, your mobile phone and your money. While the security of other valuables is also important, the consequences of having your travel documents and identification papers stolen can cause serious delays and inconvenience. You might be denied travel, or be severely delayed leaving your location.

When you’re on a business trip, you’re a perfect target for pickpockets as you will almost certainly be carrying money and several devices or gadgets.

If you’re not cautious, you might even attract pickpockets without knowing it. Here are four ways how to avoid pickpockets on a business trip:

Keeping Your Wallet or Valuables in Your Rear Pocket

Wallet pickpocket

Keeping your wallet or valuables in your rear pocket when you’re out and about around the city will definitely attract pickpockets.

To prevent this, make sure you keep your wallet in a secure bag, or in your front pocket. This makes it easier for you to see if someone’s trying to take your belongings. Also keep some cash and ideally a credit card (if you have more than one) in a separate place. So if you are a victim of a pickpocket, you will have an emergency stash to keep you going.

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Putting All Documents, Money and Cell Phone in One Bag or Pocket

When you combine all your essential belongings, such as identification work and travel documents, money and mobile in one bag, it will be a major problem if it gets stolen.

Avoid this unnecessary risk by keeping your bag with you at all times and separate your essential items and money in different secure places. Also have back-up copies of travel documents and passport on your laptop, phone and keep a paper version.

Appearing Lost, When You’re Lost

Lost travel

Pickpockets can easily identify who’s a tourist and who’s a local. You will attract pickpockets if you stand out too much.

To avoid this, try to blend in and don’t act lost, even if you are! If you need help with directions, it’s better to ask authorities for help.

Not Staying Alert on Busy Streets and Crowded Tourist Destinations

It is always great to explore the city you’re visiting if you get a chance while on business. So be aware that busy tourist spots are a top destination for pick pockets too. The more crowded a location is, the easier it is for a pickpocket to strike.

Safety should be your first priority whether you are on business or holiday, so make an informed choice about where to travel by knowing the latest official travel advice and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website is a great place to start.

Also don’t underestimate the value of travel insurance to protect you and provide peace of mind while you are away for covering those medical emergencies, cancelled or delayed trips, and lost or stolen baggage.

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