How to Choose All-inclusive Holidays

09 Jun 2015 by Olga Brighton

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All-inclusive holidays are popular for many reasons. The most obvious benefit of this type of the holiday is the fact that we know the full price from the start. We do not have worry about forking out for some hidden extras. It is not only much easier to stick to our travel budget, but also easier to plan our itinerary with an all-inclusive holiday.

Finding the best all-inclusive holiday provider

All-inclusive holiday

Not all of the all-inclusive deals offer the same level of service or value. If you're not a risky type, you might want to choose the provider or tour operator with a long history in the market. Check out sites comparing different companies and pay attention to reviews posted by those who have already used the services of the provider. If you don't trust review websites, try to check Facebook pages of the travel companies for customers' reviews.

Choosing the best-value holiday

It is possible to find cheap all-inclusive deals offering a week's worth of meals, snacks, drinks and activities for less than £400 per person, including plane tickets. However, a seemingly good deal can turn out to be poor value if the service is bad, hotel room is not what you expected and the quality of food is poor. Note that many hotels offer the options of staying on a half board or bed and breakfast basis instead. If you cannot decide whether an all-inclusive deal is worth the money, try to think about how much you plan to indulge in the all-inclusive freebies.

Keeping extra costs in mind

extra costs

Even all-inclusive packages don’t mean that you get absolutely everything for free. Some things are included in most standard packages while others are almost always available for an extra fee. Usually it all depends on the holiday provider or the hotel. Make sure to check what exactly is included in the package before you book. You will almost always have to pay for the internet, excursions, laundry and beauty treatments. Some activities may be included in the price but this will most likely be restricted to the one-off tryout or one hour per day.

Finding the best destination

All-inclusive holidays often work best in the new, largely unexplored regions where there a few alternative activities and venues. On the other hand, many resorts in undeveloped regions are self-contained and located miles from the nearest town. This can stop you from immersing in the local culture. It is very important to know the exact location of the hotel before booking the package. You might also want to find out if the hotel employs local people and uses products from the region.

As with any other travel, all-inclusive deals & packages require adequate travel insurance cover. If cover is not included in the all-inclusive package, you should find the best travel insurance for your destination, type of holiday, as well as your needs and preferences.

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