How to Travel for Free with CouchSurfing

22 Jan 2013 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

Eager to travel but have no money for booking a hotel or even hostel room? Would like to visit new places but have no money to pay for tours? Sadly think you should forget this unsuccessful idea of travelling? Think you have no right to travel if there is no money in your pocket? It’s not so. Everybody has the right to travel and gives you the opportunity to travel if you are skint.

Hard to believe? Read the review of Irina Tsumareva from Belarus:


Couchsurfing is an excellent way of travelling for free. It is the way to feel the real spirit of any city, to look at it in the way locals see it. I have couchsurfed in the USA (LA, NYC, Boston). In NY I have been hosted for more than a week. It was truly an amazing feeling when hosts have given me keys from their apartment, so I could come and leave home whenever I wished.

When passing through some cities I have stopped by for walk with local CS members. Although I have never heard any bad reviews about CS, you should always be careful. It is a good idea to chat with your future host in social media (e.g. Facebook) beforehand to be sure you will be expected guest. I recommend CS to all my friends. It is truly an unforgettable experience!

Accommodation & Tour Guide for Free

Couchsurfing is unique and dazzling chance to fulfil your travel desires. When you come to a foreign country you certainly get new impressions. CS offers you twice as many positive impressions because you have an opportunity to communicate and live with locals. The good news is that it is completely for free!

Couch Surfing can help you to find free accommodation or/and free guidance anywhere in the World. No doubts, travelling with CS will save your funds. At first sight, it is hardly possible to believe that any unfamiliar person from another country or city is ready to host you and show you around and devote his/her valuable time to you. You wonder whether it is possible in our cruel world, where everybody is busy and indifferent to others. Yes, yes, yes, it is possible. CS is here to prove that there are many helpful and generous people who are ready to provide you with a couch and company for free.

CS became a successful project because you are not the only one, who has a desire to travel with benefits. Huge numbers of people join CS to travel cheaper. It is like a human service exchange. I am helping you, you are helping me. So, it’s your turn is to get best out of it.

No Age Limit

It doesn’t matter whether you are 20, 45 or 60 years old. You may find a person to host you without regard for anything, age (no younger than 18), race, nationality, gender etc. CS community includes people of every age-range and different nationalities including 52% of female users and 48% of male users.

New Friends around the World

meeting new friends

Every person you meet on CS will become your good friend because you share great common memories about exploring together nice places. The more time you spend with the person, the closer you become. Above all, the most special thing about CS is that sometimes a person, whom you have never met, treats you as an old good friend. The more different places you visit, the more new friends you find. Isn’t it great to have friends all over the world?

Global Community

Truly valuable projects become popular very quickly. CS belongs to such projects. People from all over the world found CS to be helpful and successful project that is attention worthy. It is one of the most important benefits of CS that you can find a couch at almost every corner of the globe. The first slogan you see when going to CS website is “Connect with new friends all around the world”. Indeed, it is a naked truth. According to the statistics on October 2011, CouchSurfing has over 3 million members connecting travellers with locals in over 230 countries.

Multiple Functions to Serve You

Based in San Francisco, CS rapidly became renowned for its benefits:

•It is free to sign up.

•CS helps you find locals to host you. You can choose a person to host you by reading other’s references about him/her.

•To maintain safety, there is an option of verified membership. CS members names and locations are properly checked and approved.

•You can easily find local sights to visit and activities to do (parties, restaurants, etc.) on CS.

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