10 Must Visit Music Festivals In Europe

15 Aug 2013 by Olga Brighton

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Something many people absolutely adore doing during the summer is to partake of the charm and history of Europe while drinking in the eclectic music at its top festivals. How wonderful to have such an impressive list of possibilities: you might find yourself spoilt for choice! In the end, your decision could be based on where you wish to go and how much you desire to spend.Here are the best music festivals in Europe:

1. Roskilde Festival, Denmark

This was started in 1971 and is one of the most popular festivals in Europe. It is well attended by mainstream Scandinavian youth as well as international fans.

Music Festival

2. Pamplona Bull Run, Spain

This primarily religious festival of San Fermin also features music and dancing. In addition, you can delight yourself with the quaint markets…and the bull fighting, if you have the stomach for it.

3. Melt Festival, Germany

You can listen to Rock marry Electronic and be transported by the unique cadences at this festival. What makes this so unique is the ambience. You will find yourself in an open-air museum that sports massive 20th century machines which tower over you as you sway to the music.

4. Sziget Festival, Hungary

Held every August at the capital, you can enjoy more than a thousand performances on 266 acres of verdant land. Over the years, this festival has raked in many prestigious awards. Rather impressive, since it started out as a student rock show in 1993. Goulash and music, what could be better…

 thousand performances

5. Puck Fair, Ireland

Apart from being the subject of a Goat King for 3 days which is a unique tradition at this early August festival, you can expect to enjoy great music and other lively activities. This festival has international appeal and bows out with pyrotechnics.

6. Pukkelpop, Belgium

Fill your days with music around mid-August near Hasselt, Belgium. You will be one of more than 180,000 attendees at this, Europe’s second largest music festival. If you can brave the crowds and are truly passionate about a wide range of music styles, this is the one for you.

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7. Rock en Seine, France

Travel to romantic France at the end of August to witness the coming together of local and international music stars who will display their talent, indulge their passion and yours, and leave you feeling entertained and refreshed.

Tomatina, Spain

8. La Tomatina, Spain

Spain seems to be famous for a lot of festivals named “fights” because this one sports a tomato fight in addition to music, parades and dancing. So you get it all if you choose this one…and lots of lycopene with it!

9. Berlin Festival, Germany

Germany’s leading artistes come by and regale you with their professional sounds. Berlin never sleeps, and neither will you, as this annual festival spans more than 30 clubs this year. Look forward to the Pet Shop Boys, Mia, and Blur among many others.

10. Oktoberfest, Germany

Yes, you can just taste that beer and Oktoberfest sausage as you say the name! This 16-day festival in honour of beer is held in Munich Germany. As part of the revelry that this top European festival is known for, you can look forward to enjoying medleys of popular songs, and classical and traditional folk music from German Oompah bands.

Yes, music unites people and fills and thrills the spirit. Do something good for yourself: enjoy one or many of these the top 10 European music festivals. The rhythm will capture your heart and keep you going for a long long time in its aftermath for sure!

Always make sure to take reasonable care for your own safety. Don't forget to take out travel insurance for Europe before leaving your home country.

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