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07 Jun 2012 by Olga Brighton

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Do you need some good feed for your mood while relaxing? Or do you need inspiration to start your travel lifetime? Top list of travel movies will be useful for you in either case. No matter where you wish to go, whether it is Europe, Asia or South America, we have nice travel movies for you about a range of countries to watch and get an idea of how the life is going on over there. We are not going to tell you the plot of these movies, because that is what all "top lists do". Besides, you could read plots anywhere in the Internet. We will share with you some details so that you can consider of watching them.

1. Around the World in 80 Days – World Travel

Let’s start with the most adventurous travel movie that covers a number of countries such as Great Britain, Egypt, India, China, Japan, and the U.S. Originally "Around the World in 80 Days" is a classic adventure novel by the French writer Jules Verne. He probably would be glad to know that the most brilliant and skillful British, American and Chinese actors are being filmed in the screening of his novel. You will also see how innovative, brave and confident people could be. Thus, you will see a story about how far you can go.

Eurotrip is a travel movie about trip around Europe

2. Eurotrip – Europe, Germany

"Eurotrip" is a nice teenage movie that brings much fun and laughter. Travelling from the U.S. (Ohio) through Great Britain (London), France (Paris), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Slovakia (Bratislava), Rome (Vatican City) to Germany (Berlin) the group of young friends get to know so many different details of each of these countries. You will be surprised with some facts and stereotypes in this movie, for example, that London is associated only with football and pubs, the Netherland is a world of drugs and sex only, Slovakia looks like after war and you could book a hotel room for $1. Thus, to find out whether these facts are true or false, watch the movie, go to a Eurotrip and tell us what is your opinion?

3. A Good Year – Europe, France

Passion, Wine, Charm, Nature…Here are 4 words that characterize this movie in the best way! You will get a chance to see the contrast of busy London life and peaceful life in the vineyard estate in Provence in southeastern France. Romantic atmosphere and melodic French accent will let you feel a genuine French spirit. You will be able to see the comparison of Provence in past and in modern times. In one word, after having watched "A Good Year" you will definitely have at least a good day! :)

Travel movie about Spanish attitude to life.

4. Vicky Cristina Barcelona – Europe, Spain

You will be able to get acquainted with a beautiful Barcelonan architecture, great nature and spellbinding Spanish music, unique churches, cozy streets, original buildings and nice restaurants. This movie will bring you a buoyant mood. It will surprise you with its directness and Spanish attitude to life. First, you will be shocked and will think that it is impossible to live, to think, to act the way the protagonist does. The further you watch it, the stronger you will start accepting his way of seeing this world and will feel that it is so easy and amazing to break stereotypes and rules. However, some people just can not understand it! What about you?

5. Tourist – Europe, Italy

Action, Love, Mystery. Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie will take you to the world of extraordinary decisions, brilliant hoax, and exciting events. Where else could such story take place than in Venice? Together with a mystery you will find yourself in a world of danger and intrigue. You will pass through a range of difficulties and problems along with the protagonists and you’ll see where this leads.

Up in the Air is a movie adaptation of the novel

6. Up in the Air – the U.S. - North America, the U.S.

Up in the Air is a movie adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Walter Kirn. Many good movies come from books. It is one of them, which shows you that having been born on the earth a human being can have his home in the air. Hilarious and tragic, romantic and real, this movie shows you how different human connections could be, how diverse opinions people could have about the same problem. You will travel around the U.S. with George Clooney’s character Ryan Bingham, in whose hands lies the fate of many people. Let’s see how he will be the master of their own destiny.

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7. Borat – the U.S. – North America, the U.S.

The most ironic, racy and juicy travel movie. The movie makes much to laugh those people, who are familiar with the cultural background of the protagonist. Those people, who don’t fully understand the sense of the movie, at once start having a great desire to find out what is going on. Thus, the movie causes a natural desire to learn more. Isn’t it good?

8.The Motorcycle Diaries – South America

Travel always goes together with freedom. If you are a human being who loves freedom this movie will definitely inspire you for big journeys. You will travel more than 8,000 kilometers with the symbol of freedom, revolutionary Che Guevara, around the entire South America visiting Argentina, the Republic of Chile, the Republic of Peru etc. The movie gives you a chance to see awesome Southern American nature represented by such places as the Atacama Desert, the ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu and so on.

9. Lost in Translation – Japan, Tokyo

The movie explores such themes as loneliness, alienation, insomnia, and culture shock against the backdrop of a modern Japanese cityscape. You will get a chance to see the beauty of the big city from different sides. In fact, this movie lets you prepare morally for the trip to Japan. It also demonstrates you why it is better to travel to countries, the language of which you don’t know, with friends. Protagonists face the problem of incomprehension because of which they can’t enjoy their trip. Thus, the movie will teach you some travel secrets.

Travel movie about backpacking and people's experience

10. The Beach – Thailand, Bangkok

Those people who enjoy backpacking and like experiencing something radically different from their daily life could see themselves in this movie. 500 grams of amazing and beautiful beaches, 300 grams of picturesque nature, 200 grams of love and 50 grams of a hazard – it is a recipe of a good travel movie. Some people are born for adventure. Maybe you are one of them?

As you see travel is the subject that feature filmmakers just can’t pass by. So, let these movies be a way to inspire you, motivate and bring to light unique places in the world. Maybe you would also like to watch "Shanghai Kiss" and "Seven Years in Tibet" to learn about China and Chinese culture. These two are also worth watching. It is always good to see real-life scenes; however, it is much better to experience it yourself. That is what we wish you to do in an upcoming future! Always stay with us and don’t forget to take care of yourself experiencing a real life.

What is your favorite travel movie? If you have watched travel movie, which is really worth watching, go ahead and share with us!

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