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16 Apr 2015 by Olga Brighton

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If you’ve been to the UK at least once you know what passionate cake eaters Brits are. And if the only thing that comes to mind when thinking of British cakes is a good old Cream Scone, then make yourself a cup of tea and keep on reading. You are likely to start packing your suitcase and plan a trip to the UK as soon as possible for the sake of those tasty bites.

Chocolate Cake

British chocolate cake

Indulgently rich chocolate flavour of this cake truly proves its name. Besides being made of chocolate layers, it is finished with a tempting top layer of dark chocolate sauce that shines and attracts. Chocoholics don’t even try to keep their hands off this culinary masterpiece, and we’d recommend you the same.

Lemon Drizzle

If your eyes happen to come across this dessert while looking through the menu don’t hesitate and order it. Deliciously sweet, sour and sticky lemon drizzle cake is made of soft sponge basis soaked in a lemon glaze. The latter is prepared from icing sugar, zest and lemon juice. Along with the pleasant memories, this cake will leave you with a fresh, sweet, long-lasting light aftertaste.

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Banana Cake

The name itself brings certain delicious predictions that will be proved true once you have the first bite. In fact, banana cake is easy to bake at home. Try to find the original recipe and recreate this simple tasty dessert at home. Banana bread is also very nutritious and healthy thing to try.

Carrot Cake

British carrot cake

This one has many varieties and, to tell the truth, there are a few of those in the world who don’t like it. Having a very special dark orange colour and mouth-watering smell, carrot cake often has fruits and nuts inside and a number of sauces on top.

Sponge Cake

This cake is based on flour, eggs and sugar. The simplicity of ingredients and baking process is compensated by the endless number of sauces, filling and addings that perfectly finish this cake. Fruit, caramel, chocolate, alcohol, berry or milk creams are just a bunch of options available.

Red Velvet Cake

This bright and lovely cake is perfect not only for St. Valentine’s Day but for any festive occasion or simply to be enjoyed on any other day. Deep velvet colour is usually combined with white cream cheese icing making this cake look dramatic and tempting.

Fairy Cakes

Fairy cakes UK

No, there are not themed cakes in the forms of fairy creatures. They are just petite British version of cupcakes made of lighter sponge cake covered with a lighter glace icing than American heavy butter sponge cakes with heavier covering. Perhaps, the name suggests that fairy cakes are so small they could be served to mythical little creatures but their appearance proves the name as well. Endless confectioners’ fantasy invented so many versions and types of fairy cakes that baking and decorating them is next to creating an art masterpiece. Needless to say they are irresistibly delicious.

Rainbow Cake

Birthday party doesn’t need many decorations if there is a rainbow cake. The layers are coloured and set in the rainbow order finished with white cream as a contrast. Sometimes, the whole cake is covered white so the Wow-moment comes as it is cut. A piece of this cake makes a usual day a bit like a holiday.

Victoria Sponge Cake

Also known as Victoria sponge and Victoria sandwich this cake was named after British Queen Victoria who used to enjoy a piece of this cake with her afternoon tea. It differs from a simple sponge cake having additional fat, being cut into halves and sandwiched with a raspberry jam and whipped double cream or vanilla cream. Instead of icing, it is usually covered with caster sugar.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Chocolate fudge cake UK

As we began with a chocoholics’ dream, it is right to finish even more dramatically. Chocolate fudge cake is often called the ‘Death by Chocolate’ for containing a huge amount of chocolate. Chocolate layers are covered with chocolate whipped cream, chocolate ice-cream or chocolate chips.

Plan your next trip to the UK, grab this list and have an unforgettable confectionary vacation.

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