Top's on Valentine's Day Infographic

23 Feb 2015 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

We would like to thank those who have entered the Valentine's Day competition.

Congratulations to Ms. Lynda Alcock who will be getting her Kindle Fire HD6 very soon! Mr. David Bill will receive 20% discount and Mr. Peter Durk will receive 15% discount codes. The 11 other winners (Tracy Gladman, Isobel Hazel Duke, Rosemary Wood, Sandra Wright, Jacqueline Garratt, Pamela Kaur, Janice Mok, Philip Cox, Helena Laczko, Kim Willing, Karl Muller) will receive their 5% discounts.

Based on your answers, we have prepared the Valentine's Day infographic with the ultimate lists of top places, countries, cities and islands to visit and things to do. Have a look and enjoy!

top valentine's day places

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