Video Tips for Fans of Euro 2012 from the Pukka Pies England Band

11 Jun 2012 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

Euro 2012 has successfully started and has brought many surprises and much fun for football fans. The results are expected to be very interesting and unpredictable. If you are planning to become a part of this exciting event then this video will grab your attention. 3 representatives from the Pukka Pies England Band have visited Kiev, Donetsk (where England's first three matches will be played) and Kharkhiv to find out what the host country will be like for Euro 2012. The Pukka Pies England Band have released a video following their pre-tournament trip to the Ukraine. The video includes experiences that most of England supporters will encounter at Euro 2012.

The official advice can be found in the press release which also directs fans to the England Fans Guide to Ukraine and Poland, a booklet produced by the Football Supporters' Federation (FSF) who are a partner of the KBYG campaign.

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