A Lesson of How to Submit a Travel Insurance Claim Like an Expert

01 Sep 2015 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

When taking out travel insurance, we all hope that we won’t ever have to actually use it and the peace of mind will be the only thing we will get from this purchase. However, unexpected things tend to happen when we move across the world and explore unknown destinations. In case of mishap, we need to make a travel insurance claim and we need to do it right by following a few simple steps.

How to submit a travel insurance claim online

Travel claim
  • Visit Make a Claim page by clicking “Make a Claim” or following the link.
  • On the Reactive Claims page you need to claim online by clicking “click here to register your claim online” or choose and download additional claim forms below. Keep in mind that all claims ьгые have the Personal Details form attached to it – this form will let insurance company know who you are and how they should pay you in case your claim is accepted.
  • Note that under every claim form there is a FAQ section that may cover a variety of question you may have if you need to make any type of claim.
  • Please make sure to complete all sections relevant to your claim and enclose all requested supporting documents (which must include evidence of your outward and return journey from your home country within the EU except in the case of one-way journey or a previously agreed post departure policy).

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What to do if you have questions regarding travel insurance claim

When submitting claim online, don’t forget to provide your full current email address on the claim form, because in case additional information is required, the claims administrator may wish to contact you via email.

If you prefer you may contact the Claims Team via a call directly to their office or contact Globelink team +44 (0) 1353 699082.

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