Annual Multi Trip or Single Trip Insurance: What to Choose?

07 May 2012 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

This tricky question has appeared in every traveler’s mind at least once. So, before making choice: Single Trip or Multi Trip insurance, you should always find out the advantages and disadvantages of both Annual Multi Trip and Single Trip Insurance.

What does save money?

Everyone tries to save. We all know that it is cheaper by the dozen. So, you should think and plan in advance in order to save money. If you don’t travel much then you probably don’t need an Annual multi trip policy. However, if you are about to go on trips more than 3 times (e.g. business trips, volunteering, weekends vacations, participating in social and sport events abroad etc.) or you have relatives somewhere out of the country, whom you would like to visit often, you should better think of an Annual Multi Trip travel insurance. It will definitely cut your expenses twice.

Annual Multi Trip travel insurance

What does save time?

It is obvious that it is easier to buy a multi trip policy once than to do it every Single time you need it. It happens that people forget the conditions they have chosen for their previous trip so that they start comparing the information again. Buying a multi trip insurance let you look through your policy any time you wish going on your e-mail. Thus, you buy it once and stay relaxed the rest of the time.

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What is better for different kind of activities?

It is up to you. Doesn’t matter what type of trip you choose, anyway you could add extra cover for hazardous activities, valuables and other options. Both of these travel insurance are all-round.

What is the difference in the coverage of policies?

Most travel insurance policies cover worldwide trips. Still some insurance companies offer good deals. For instance, when buying Annual Multi Trip policy for certain time you could get winter sports cover for free.

What is the age difference?

Here you should be careful and accurate. This factor varies depending on each single company. However, single trip policies more likely have larger age limit than annual multi trip. Still there are insurance companies that offer very favorable conditions for seniors.

Seniors travel insurance

What is important about the dates?

When buying any policy, it is important to point out an immediate date. Otherwise, you won’t be insured for the cancellation of your upcoming trips. Majority doesn’t think something could affect their trip. However, such cases as strikes could be the reasons of the trip cancellation in the last days before a departure.

Thus, once again, remember, planning is really important. Keep in mind that buying Annual multi trip policy more likely save your time, money and offer you some good deals. So, try to be sensible in order to win, not to lose.

Globelink’s offer:

  • Single trip policy covers people aged up to 84 while Annual Multi Trip policy covers people aged up to 79.
  • If you buy Annual multi trip policy taking the 45 days or above option, you receive 17 days Winter Sports and Business cover FREE of charge.
  • We recommend that you select an immediate start date as this will ensure that you are covered for the Cancellation of any pre-booked holiday. Otherwise, if you select the departure date of your first holiday and you have to cancel before your departure, you will not be covered.

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