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31 Mar 2015 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

Choosing the right holiday travel insurance policy should never be done in a hurry for the consequences may bring irrevocable losses to your pocket. This is especially essential when you go on holidays because all preparations are on you so you are the one responsible for your own well-being. Here are the steps to follow when choosing the right holiday insurance.

Travel insurance for holiday
    • Trust your intuition when comparing travel insurance companies’ websites. Being the face of the company, website is designed to assist and provide every necessary piece of information needed. If you feel uncomfortable and cannot find what you are interested in or there is lack of information so you have to contact the insurer to find something our, leave it. It should be a simple and informative process.
    • Once you find the right travel insurance website, choose the travel insurance policy that suits your destination and the activities you plan to take. As a rule, the main features are stated in the policy description. If not, check the Frequently Asked Questions. In case the first two options don’t give you enough information, start making a quote and read everything carefully.
    • Browse the web for the real customers’ reviews. Don’t stop on just one review website, look for more sources. As a rule, if the company has good reputation there are evidences of that on the Internet.
    • Compare how easy and clear it is to make a quote on every of the websites you’ve chosen. Look carefully whether there are any hidden costs appearing when you see the final price. Check whether you understand clearly everything that is stated having no doubts as to what is meant.
Travel insurance compensation
  • Check the refund terms and excess levels. Usually, the lower the policy price is, the higher excess is, which means you’ll have to lose a lot of money to get compensated. Sometimes the insurance company offers a special policy extra that allows eliminating the excess completely so in case you bare any financial losses, you’ll be fully paid out.
  • Be wise and invest in a reliable travel insurance policy in advance. If you deal with a new insurance provider you may buy Single Trip policy to test their service and terms. If you are sure in your insurer and travel more than once in a year than buying an Annual Multi Trip policy is a smart choice.

Research, compare quotes, try and find the best. Travel safe!

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