A Trip to Kenya

17 Dec 2013 by Olga Brighton

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Wonderful trip to Kenya! I have been staying in the city of Mtwapa and traveling north through the coastline until Lamu island visiting Kilifi Watamu Malindi. I had no problem at all of any kind.

The best and most interesting place I visited was Lamu a quiet and nice place without any motorvehicle... Lamu can be reached by bus from Mombasa usually they start in the morning and the trip could take up to 8/10 h. due to the military checkpoint but it is interesting passing through the City of Malindi the Tana river the City of Impeketoni and a lot of Somalian refugee camps.

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It is nice to wake up with the muezzin litany, Lamu is plenty of very nice Mosque. During the day it is a must to get a trip with the local boat with the typical lateen around the archipelago. Fish food is amazing and it is possible to buy fresh and alive crabs along the beach then just walk in a restaurant near the beach with your food ready to be cooked and served. Do not forget the very nice Lamu fruit juice (take care about your stomach pain...lol) and the best mangos in the world!

There are no cars and motorbikes there the only way to get around is to walk or hire a mule...lol.....a nice lifestyle.

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