The Cambodian Way from Mark

15 May 2012 by Olga Brighton

Travellers Stories

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As we sit on the white sands of Victory Beach in the quiet seaside town of Sihanoukville during our Cambodian trip, my girlfriend and I are lazing in the hot afternoon sun in front of a tin shack that serves not much more than beer. We are soon aware of a lone policeman walking towards us with his AK-47 rifle stapped to his shoulder.

Cambodia visit

Quietly relieved as he strolls by behind us, he puts his gun on a table, takes a seat in one of the hammocks and demands a beer. Once finished he has time for one more, no doubt to be put on his never ending tab. We thought this cannot be right, heat, beer and a gun, they do not mix! Mental note: Eye contact to be avoided! How many other shacks had he already been to?

As the officer left the scene to continue his beat, the young male shack attendant came over to check our drinks. We quizzed him about the officer and his afternoon drinks break. All he replied with was 'No problem, no worry, Cambodia way'.

I jokingly wonder to myself if there are any vacancies in their police force and start our trip.

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