The Best of Cambodia: Angkor Wat

17 Jun 2012 by Olga Brighton

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My wife and I went on vacation in Cambodia in January as we do every year. To our good fortune or bad luck, according to the point of view, have no children, over the years we managed to organize our work so as to have at least 30 continuous days of holiday every year so we have a long vacation in the winter and an average summer. Just because we have 30 days and we love the sea many days we spend our holidays at the beach but when it is possible we like to insert also something of cultural.

Our favourite destinations are Thailand and Sri Lanka, for many reasons, two of the few countries that can guarantee warm weather and warm sea in winter, and for Thailand, tolerance, good prices and where every resident is always willing to help and do not ever deny a smile, a country where traditions, customs and moderntà are expertly blended.

Angkor wat trip

But despite the above I want to tell you my experience in Cambodia, where we spent some days before arriving in Thailand. I will not speak about Cambodia, but only a small part of it, one of the most beautiful places in the world, Angkor Wat.

400 square kilometers of monuments scattered in the jungle, maybe now we should say what remains of the jungle, I do not want to tell the story of this immense archaeological site, you can find it on Internet without any problems, I prefer tell you about as Angkor Wat is, unlike some guides tell everything goes quiet and very calm, enchanting beauty of the monuments, see the huge structures of temples among the huge roots of tall trees is breathtaking. In a sense you could consider Angkor Wat the Pompeii of the East, Pompei swallowed by the lava of a volcano and Angkor Wat swallowed up by plant roots.

To this is added the kindness of people, ease of organizing everything, I have organized everything with a taxi driver who took me to the hotel from airport, so I did them all in just over 5 miles of trail. The prices are very cheap and the service level is very good. Angkor Wat is 3 or 4 kilometers far from Siem Rep where he usually the people reside, here as well and I had a great surprise, many small restaurants very well kept, restaurant that cook typical dishes, all quite colorful, and with good service, so that certainly does not hurt to do a good holiday.

Angkor wat location

In the evening when may be you fall tired after a day of hiking can be found anywhere a traditional Cambodian massage, perhaps not too sophisticated but you are revitalized.

I did not say anything about the food but it is too personal a topic I myself have spent many years before being able to appreciate oriental cuisine or at least a part of this but what about the kitchen Cambodian Siem Rep I can say without doubt that probably is great and is now so contaminated by Western to be perhaps more acceptable than other Eastern cuisines.

Just one last advice, go with confidence and most importantly not miss a place like Angkor Wat.

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