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25 Feb 2013 by Olga Brighton

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Aged 55 - 84? Taking out travel insurance with Globelink could be the best investment you ever make.

Exhausting flights, unfamiliar surroundings, even a change in diet... these factors can expose hidden health weaknesses when you travel - and could result in you or your insurer having to pay thousands of pounds’ worth of foreign medical bills. Yet one in ten 55-year-olds says they travel abroad without insurance. People who gamble on not running into health problems while they’re away from home are often oblivious to how much it could cost them if they do.

Insurance for mature travellers

These and other findings by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office have been welcomed by Globelink International Travel Insurance, a partner of the FCO’s ongoing Know Before You Go campaign, which helps British holidaymakers stay safe and well while they’re abroad. Globelink’s policies cover people up to the age of 84.

The FCO’s research goes on to show that a third of Brits who skimp on travel insurance do so because they only go on short breaks. Just over a quarter say insurance is ‘too expensive’, or think they won’t need it because they’re visiting friends or family. Perhaps more worryingly, one in five of those who do take out insurance are ready to risk invalidating their policy by not telling insurers about an existing condition. In some cases, they might just as well throw away their money.

Responding to the FCO research, David Deverson of Globelink International says: “We’re seeing more and more over-55s choosing to travel. That’s great, but the fact is we’ve also seen an increase in the number of claims from mature travellers, because they’re more likely to encounter health-related problems when they’re away from home.

“Health costs in countries such as America and Thailand have risen significantly in recent years. The one thing no one budgets for is a big overseas hospital bill if, say, you have a heart attack out of the blue, or you end up needing emergency repatriation.

“When you understand what you’re gambling by skimping on travel insurance, you just wouldn’t take the risk.”

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Globelink International Travel is an established UK-based travel insurance consultancy, providing a wide variety of affordable travel insurance policies for travellers and holidaymakers aged up to 84 years old and resident in the EU. The leading travel insurance provider of British expatriates in Europe, Globelink offers both Single trip and cost-saving Annual Multi Trip plans.

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