Globelink Presents New Affiliate Programme, Website Design and Increased Commissions

04 Apr 2016 by Olga Brighton

Globelink Travel Insurance News

London, April 2016 - Globelink International Travel Insurance unveils newly redesigned Affiliate Programme website and Progressive Commission Plan.

The Affiliate Programme new website design was launched to provide an improved user experience and attract new potential affiliate partners and brand introducers. The launch followed research into how affiliate partners and customers interact with the website and enhancements were made to provide the most user friendly means of supporting affiliates to generate sales.

Improved Progressive Commission Plan

Affiliate plan

Globelink Travel Insurance increased the affiliate commission rate allowing its partners to earn up to 20% from every sale they generate. The more travel insurance policies sold from the affiliate website or social medial profile, the higher the commission rate. Monthly transfers of commission earned are processed vial PayPal or bank transfer at the end of each month.

Another beneficial feature is Globelink use of 90 day cookie, which means that even if customers buy directly on Globelink website within 90 days of the original referral - the affiliate will still benefit from the commission.

Latest customer-focused web design trends and features

The most significant new affiliate programme website tool is its integrated travel insurance quotation wizard that enables the affiliates to sell Globelink policies directly through their website. Easily integrated into any website page, the Globelink iframe wizard allows customers to obtain a quick free quote and buy without even leaving the referral website.

Real-time commission tracking and Globelink affiliate support service will also help ensure a partnership approach and mutually beneficial collaboration.

Visit Globelink Affiliate Program website to find out more.

About Globelink Travel Insurance

International travel insurance company

Globelink International is an independent company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority that has been offering a range of travel insurance products for 20 years. Policies are available to travellers aged up to 84 with a maximum trip duration of 15 months, which can be extended to 18 months if needed. Globelink Travel Insurance policies are available to all EU residents, as well as Australian, New Zealand and South African passport holders living in the UK.

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