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07 Apr 2014 by Olga Brighton

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Due to the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, Internet usage rose significantly over the past year, especially in the UK which leads the world in the mobile web use. With customers’ comfort being the main priority of Globelink, we present you our mobile web application that will allow you to arrange the cover you need in just a few moments no matter where you are.
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According to various researches, over the past year the UK’s mobile users have been consuming more data on their phones and tablets than any other nation in the world. Shopping and ordering services by smartphone or tablet increased 18% in the past year, as more and more Brits and Europeans embrace choosing and buying the right service from the sofa, on the bus or during lunch break.

The increased mobile web application usage to buy products and services online is opening more possibilities to a much broader range of customers. The older people are often not very comfortable with technology, but are more comfortable with smartphones and tablets as they are more tactile. Senior travellers are a big part of both European Travel community and Globelink audience that is why we aim to cater to all of their needs the best we can. Globelink mobile web application will give the older generations of holidaymakers the opportunity to browse travel insurance policies, choose options and pay without having to click through all the steps on the computer.

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Younger travellers eager to see the world or take a break in a foreign land are the most avid users of the mobile web, so new Globelink application will be a great help to them. Students, active youth, young parents and ambitious workers will get the chance to prepare for their journey and ensure their own safety no matter where they are at the moment - in the park, at home after work, in the college between classes or even abroad already without an access to a computer.

Globelink mobile web application was created to cater to the needs of all types of Globelink customers and designed only for their comfort. We hope you will have an easy and enjoyable experience with our service and will find the best option to protect your journey with Globelink travel insurance mobile web application.

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