Potentially Life-Threatening Snow Storm Approaching Northeast of the US

26 Jan 2015 by Olga Brighton

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The US National Weather Service and the New York City authority warn both locals and tourists against the oncoming severe snow blizzard. Forecast experts state that this natural disaster would quickly spread from New Jersey into Canada causing mass destruction along the way. The storm is expected to bring up to one meter of snow and dangerous sharp winds affecting all means of transport. Local and international airlines started cancelling the flights on early Monday on the 26 of January.

Bill de Blasio, New York City Mayor advised everyone to be prepared for the extremely severe weather conditions that may become the largest snowstorm ever witnessed in the city. This means transport delays, huge traffic jams, cancelled flights and many other inconveniences.

new york snow

The storm is expected from Monday till Wednesday this week. It is recommended to postpone any trips unless urgent ones and to be more than careful when out.

According to the website FlightAware, nearly 2000 flights on Monday and up to 1,500 on Tuesday were cancelled.

It is time to remember all the safety precautions and follow them strictly. In case you are in the endangered areas or plan on getting there despite the warnings, prepare special winter clothing and be ready to protect your face and eyes because there would be strong wind gusts, freezing rain and ice.

Follow the weather forecast service reports and listen to the experts’ advice as to how to protect yourself during these three extreme days. In fact, travel agents always recommend checking the forecast before planning a trip and being ready for difficult conditions. Along with that, make sure you are covered with reliable travel insurance and always read its small print to be aware of all options it provides you with.

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