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Travel Insurance for people living in all EU Countries
  • I found the whole web site very quick, thorough and easy to follow

    Anonymous Written on: 13th February 2018 Via:
  • Globelink provides a straightforward, clear cover for a reasonable price.

    Anonymous Written on: 1st February 2018 Via:
  • Although you can never be sure how good an insurance company is until they have to pay out (and I'm glad to say I haven't had to make a claim so far), I am very happy with the service, the premium and the ease of booking and renewing online with Globelink. The only criticism would be, if you have no trips planned for a little while after your policy expires you get bombarded far too much with renewal reminders until you finally get round to renewing.

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    Anthony Dent Written on: 31st January 2018 Via:
  • Was easy to find the information and buy online. The proof of the'pudding will be after service if a claim is needed although the reviews were promising.

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    Susan De Sampaio Written on: 31st January 2018 Via:
  • easy to understand web site ,good price overall very satisfied , i had to make a phone call and the lady i spoke to was very helpfull.

    Janet Blake Written on: 31st January 2018 Via:
  • The lady that helped me over the phone was very good

    Maria Bailey Written on: 31st January 2018 Via:
  • This is the third time I have used Globelink for International Travel. As an older European citizen, resident in France, I find them value for money and extremely helpful staff, as well as any easy website to follow.

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    Janet Cartwright Written on: 31st January 2018 Via:
  • Fast and easy to do online without numerous health questions.

    ANDREA O Written on: 31st January 2018 Via:
  • The member of staff was very helpful.

    Tracy Duggan Written on: 31st January 2018 Via:
  • Simplicity

    Anonymous Written on: 18th January 2018 Via:
  • The cover on the policy seems very good and caters for long term stays as well as being sympathetic to the over 65 traveller.

    Gary Duncan Written on: 15th January 2018 Via:
  • As an ex-pat, finding travel insurance in English is not easy, but Gobelink offered us good cover at a realustic premium for our holiday to USA in November/December 2017. I contracted a very nasty throat infection on the penultimate day, which necessitated making a claim. Throughout the claim process - including a courtesy call to check progress of obtaining a physician - the staff were friendly and efficient. The astonishingly high cost of the doctor's visit and medication was reimbursed in full within three weeks of submitting the claim documentation.

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    Anonymous Written on: 12th January 2018 Via:
  • Clear and quick and laughed at my jokes

    Patrick Perry Written on: 11th January 2018 Via:
  • Didn't have any problem booking with this company and have used them twice now. Thankfully we've never needed to use the insurance though. And responded very quickly to a query question.

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    Anonymous Written on: 10th January 2018 Via:
  • Very easy to process the policy. Your advisor was most helpful.

    Sarah Thomson Written on: 10th January 2018 Via:
  • I have just purchased an an annual travel insurance policy from Globelink. The process of selecting the policy & payment was very easy using their on line process. The price was was competitive too. I have not had cause to use the insurance policy so cannot comment on that part but the main reason I chose them is as a result of a friend having to use her similar policy following an accident she had in France. The service they provided to her was excellent.

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    Julie Fry Written on: 10th January 2018 Via:
  • Website all ok. The only issues that I had to deal with were the following: With annual multi trip travel insurance I had to phone for confirmation regarding my age. I am currently 65 but will be 66 in June. Therefore I wasn't sure whether I should complete trhe form at my current age. Phone call to your office dealt with the issue effectively and confirmed that it is my current age that I should use. We are currently based in Spain although we have UK residency. We are looking after my elderly parents who reside in Spain. Your website does not cover this position. We spoke to one of your Colleagues who effectively dealt with this issue. She confirmed that if we were registered with a doctor (which we are in Spain-we have private healthcare in Spain) and we are currently residing in Spain then we should complete the form with Spain as our residency.

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    John Webster Written on: 10th January 2018 Via:
  • We have been with Globelink for a few years and although never had to make a claim, we feel happy & confident of Globelink International Insurance & can be assured of there concerns.

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    Mrs Ann Walker Written on: 22nd December 2017 Via:
  • Phone answered within 10 seconds and explained good.

    Patrick Fahy Written on: 19th December 2017 Via:
  • Well, I wouldn't go that far. I realise the need for Travel Insurance and have been using Globelink I.T.I. for over 7 years. Couldn't get through to the Office which is annoying but managed to complete online.

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    Carolyn Written on: 15th December 2017 Via:
  • Very easy site to use.

    Anonymous Written on: 12th December 2017 Via:
  • Good rates for someone with a pre-existing condition (Pre-Diabates (Type 2)).

    Lawrence McNamara Written on: 6th December 2017 Via:
  • Being realistic about list of illnesses, also choice of policy types and cost.

    Frank Hilton Written on: 6th December 2017 Via:
  • easy to use, takes an Irish credit card.

    Anonymous Written on: 6th December 2017 Via:
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