10 Secrets to Transport Fragile Items Safely

03 Feb 2015 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

Of course, adding a ‘Fragile’ sticker to your suitcase at the airport is a good step towards keeping it safe but even that cannot guarantee your luggage will arrive fully intact. The best thing you can do is pack it really well so not to be worried about it during the whole trip. Here are some helpful tips and little secrets to pack and transport fragile items of your baggage. You may find them useful not only for travel but also for sending presents, special goods or anything that needs extra care.


1) The best way to pack your valuables is to find its original packing material. When you buy new things try to keep foam pieces and boxes that suit exactly those things.

2) Packaging stores can save you if you threw the original packing all the same. They have various different size boxes, bags, containers and many complimentary materials. They can also give a good piece of advice and up-to-date information about shipping regulations.

foam peanuts

3) Use easily available packing materials such as foam popcorn, foam peanuts or a simple newspaper torn into pieces and twisted into balls. As for the former, choose biodegradable type. As for the latter, it is the cheapest and simplest way of packing and keeping things safe.

4) It sounds obvious, but make sure the object you pack is isolated from all the sides of a container you pack it into. Don’t forget about the bottom part.

packing box

5) Pack really tightly leaving no empty space and gaps. Use as muck foam fillers or newspapers balls as needed. Then close the box and shake it. The less you hear the better you’ve packed it.

6) When you hear nothing while shaking a box, secure the box with plastic tape sealing all the places it can be opened. Make sure every end of a tape meets another.

7) Remember to fill the inside of your item. If you pack a vase for example, foam popcorn will eventually fill it and thus your packing efforts will be vain.

bubble wrap

8) Find out all the rules and regulations as for transporting luggage depending on your operator. Be sure you won’t have to open your carefully packed box or otherwise be aware of that and pack accordingly to be ready to open and close it fast.

9) If your object can be disassembled, pack the parts separately.

10) To pack extra safe, add bubble wrap wherever possible or even cover your box with it and put it into another box. Besides protecting your fragile items, bubble wrap is a well-known stress-melting remedy for people of any age.

In case you still feel unsure about packing some delicate and very special objects, entrust it to a delivery service. They know their business. In addition, as well as providing a complete safety to your luggage, be sure to do the same to yourself. Get a reliable travel insurance to deal with possible mishaps and travel safe.

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