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End Supplier Failure Insurance – Ukraine Update

With effect from Friday 25th February 2022, no cover is provided under Section S1 – End Supplier Failure Insurance (ESFI) within our insurance policies for the following Airlines:

  • PJSC Aeroflot Airlines – IATA Code: AFL
  • Ukraine International Airlines UIA - FlyUIA - IATA Code: PS

Under the terms of your policy, cover will cease with immediate effect for all tickets issued from 25th February 2022. Cover does not affect tickets already issued.

Coronavirus – what does it mean for my trip?

To know more about Globelink Covid cover if you haven’t yet purchased, or you purchased your Globelink policy after 29th October 2020 click here.

If you have already purchased a Globelink policy BEFORE 29th Oct 2020 check here for the latest guidance.

What happens if I have an emergency abroad?

If you have an accident or need medical treatment for an illness, you or the hospital that is treating you should contact the 24 hour Emergency Assistance Service. The Emergency Assistance Service will confirm your cover and handle all negotiations on your behalf. Your insurers will usually settle the account directly with the hospital but if it is a minor injury treatable by a GP or local hospital, you can settle the bill yourself and claim this back IMPORTANT; it is imperative that you contact the 24 hour emergency services before any claim to ensure that you are covered.

See our Make a Claim page. This important information is shown on your Emergency Assistance Card and also at the bottom of your Travel Insurance Certificate.

How do I make a claim (other than for Emergency Medical Assistance)?

FOR CLAIMS: Please visit and ensure you select the correct Claims service for your Policy Issue date. When contacting the claims handler, please have the following information to hand.

  • Name of your policy (Scheme)
  • Certificate number
  • Resort and country visited
  • Value of the claim
  • Brief circumstances
  • Travel dates
  • Incident date

Condition: Failure to have the above information at hand, may result in your claim being delayed.

Am I covered for Emergency Repatriation?

The cover under the policy includes the repatriation costs of return to your country of residence within the European Union of an injured or sick Insured. This will be authorised in advance and must be arranged by the Assistance Service if it is deemed medically necessary by the Assistance Service. This is usually arranged via scheduled / charter airline carriers or other medically appropriate means, with medical escorts provided if medically required. Additional Repatriation Extra cover for clients who hold Australian, New Zealand or South African passports can be arranged for an additional premium at the time you purchase your insurance. In all cases prior authorisation by the 24 Hour Emergency Assistance Service is required.

What is an EHIC?

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) gives EU residents access to state provided necessary medical care if you fall ill, or have an accident while travelling in the EU temporarily, including holiday, studies and business travel.

Now the UK has left the EU, current EHIC’s issued to UK residents before the end of 2020 remain valid until their expiry date and you can continue to use them when travelling within the EU. From Jan 2021 UK residents can use the new Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) which replaces the EHIC. Obtained a GHIC free from the official GHIC website.

You don't need to apply for a GHIC until your current EHIC expires. Both EHIC and GHIC offer equivalent protection. The EHIC remains valid for EU residents travelling to the UK and within the EU. The EHIC or new GHIC does not replace Travel Insurance and you should purchase insurance as soon as you book a trip.

What is a GHIC?

The Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) replaces the EHIC for UK residents from Jan 2021. It is the UK equivalent of the EHIC and provides UK residents with the same protection as the EHIC. Obtained a GHIC free from the official GHIC website. Current EHIC remain valid until they expire and can be used when travelling in the EU. EHIC remains valid for EU residents travelling to the UK and within the EU. The EHIC or new GHIC does not replace Travel Insurance and you should purchase insurance as soon as you book a trip.

Does EHIC / GHIC replace Travel Insurance?

No, The FCDO advise that “Wherever you’re travelling, it's important to take out appropriate Travel Insurance before you go”. The EHIC or new GHIC will not cover repatriation costs, or additional support, like a doctor or nurse escort home. Nor extra accommodation costs; luggage replacement costs; or replacement Passport fees if they get lost or stolen.

How do I contact Globelink International?

Telephone: +44 (0) 1353 699082
Globelink International Travel Insurance Consultants Ltd Alpi House Suite 2, East Wing, 2nd Floor Miles Gray Road Basildon, Essex SS14 3HJ United Kingdom

Which countries can I travel to with my insurance?

Geographical Limits - Area Definitions

What does Winter Sports cover include?

This cover is provided only if you are under 70 and the policyholder has paid the additional premium where required as confirmed on the Validation Certificate. Below are the details of winter sports cover provided by this extension for a period of no more than 17 days in total in each period of insurance under annual multi trip policies and for the period of the trip under single trip policies. Winter Sports covers people on a skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports activity holidays and covers loss, theft or damage to your own and hired ski equipment, resort closure cover, and emergency medical expenses and repatriation including piste rescue. A range of wintersports activities are covered as standard as shown in the table above. Activities that involve the use of equipment or machines such as skidoos and sledges have no cover for third party liability and the person supplying you with these vehicles must have appropriate cover in place, you should check this before using such equipment.

Do you cover mountain rescue including helicopters?

You are covered for mountain rescue costs on the basis of medical necessity. This means that if you are injured or fall ill on the slopes and cannot continue skiing we will cover the costs charged by the local piste authorities or recognised rescue service to get you to the nearest suitable point of medical treatment . Where the local authorities feel this is necessary this would include helicopter transfers. You should ensure that the 24 hour assistance service on your policy is contacted as soon as reasonably possible so they can take over the management of your costs and provide guarantees of payment and other necessary assistance such as repatriation. Anything other than unavoidable emergency costs must be pre-authorised by the assistance service. You have no cover for rescue costs associated with you skiing in remote areas or because you are in difficulties not associated with an illness or injury covered by the insurance.

Do you cover off piste skiing?

All skiing and snowboarding activities defined in the wording are covered provided you remain within the boundaries of a recognised resort area designed for public use and are not skiing or snowboarding in areas marked out of bounds or hazardous by the piste authorities.The boundaries of a recognised resort area with runs (pistes) designed for public use will be shown on the piste map issued to you with your ski lift pass. Provided that the piste authorities have not marked an area as dangerous, out of bounds or closed, you can ski “off piste” between the designated runs if your route is connecting you to another run or ski lift and is within the general area that is patrolled by the local piste authorities who issued your ski pass. You must not ski off piste alone or on routes beyond your level of competence. If you are in any doubt about the route you are planning you should get advice from the local authority or a qualified ski instructor or guide.

How do I make a booking?

You can book online, simply follow the instructions and you will be able to print your policy immediately.
Alternatively, call us on 00 44 (0) 1353 699082. and we will take the details from you.

Can non-UK residents purchase your travel insurance?

Yes. Our policies are available to residents of all EU countries. Visit We also provide cover for Australian, New Zealand and South African passport holders who are temporary residents in EU countries.

What do I do if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

We provide detailed instructions on what to do on the Pre-existing Medical Conditions page, so please read these carefully. You will see that there are certain No Screen Conditions that are covered as standard if you can comply with the terms specified on the Pre-existing Medical Conditions page. If you are aware of a Pre-existing Medical Conditions, you have two options:

  1. You can proceed and arrange cover with standard terms and accept that anything related to the pre-existing medical condition/s is excluded. OR,
  2. If you require cover for a pre-existing medical condition not covered by us, you will need to seek alternative travel insurance providers who will advise if your condition can be covered, at what price and any changes that apply may to their terms.

What is the situation if I discover I am pregnant before travelling?

Pregnancy, without any directly related bodily injury, illness, disease or complication is NOT insured by this policy. This insurance is designed to provide cover for unforeseen events, accidents, illnesses and diseases and normal childbirth and pregnancy would not constitute an unforeseen event or illness. If after taking out this insurance you discover you are pregnant and will be travelling we will insure you under Section A - Cancellation provided you cancel your trip within 14 days of becoming aware of the pregnancy term. Should you not wish to cancel the trip we will refund your premium provided you have not already travelled or made a claim.

What happens if my flight is delayed beyond the insurance period?

If your flight is delayed on the homeward journey and you do not get back into the country until after your policy has expired your cover will continue until you reach home.

What is the maximum length of any one trip I can take on an annual multi-trip policy?

Our annual policies can cover for trips of 17, 31, 45, 60, 90 or 120 days duration on any single trip. Policies with trip durations of 45 days or more, will also allow 17 days winter Sports activities free of charge.

Can people with an annual multi trip travel independently?

Adults can travel independently but children must travel with one of the insured adults.

What do I do if I am travelling with valuables?

Valuables may be covered under the baggage. Depending on the level of cover you have purchased, there is a limit to the amount that you can claim. Limits are for your valuables in total and also for single items. If you require a higher limit for personal property or valuables, we can arrange additional cover. However, you should check on your Home Insurance to see if it will cover your personal belongings whilst out of the country.

Can I cancel my travel insurance?

You have a right to cancel up to 14 days from the date you receive the policy document at the start of your insurance provided that you have not travelled, (or in the case of Single Trip policies, cover has not already commenced), and no claim under this policy has been made. To cancel your policy, please contact Globelink International on, or at Alpi House, Suite 2, East Wing, 2nd Floor, Miles Gray Road, Basildon, Essex, SS14 3HJ. We reserve the right to make a charge to cover any administrative costs. There is no refund for cancellation after this period has expired, or for early return.

When can I book Insurance?

It is best to book your insurance as soon as you have booked and paid for your holiday. This will then give you cancellation cover should you not be able to travel due to a medical emergency or other circumstances beyond your control. If you are booking for a single trip you will be covered automatically for cancellation from the day you booked and paid for your policy. If you are taking an Annual Multi Trip policy then your cancellation cover does not come into effect until your policy starts. If you have booked and paid for a trip it is advisable to start your policy the same day that you purchase it.

How long can I travel for on a Backpacker policy?

You can be covered for up to 15 months out of the country on a single trip. Cover can be extended whilst out of the country up to a maximum of 18 months in total. Cover ceases when you return to the UK (or arrive in your home country in the event of a one way trip) and the policy becomes invalid.

Can I travel on a one-way ticket?

Yes. We provide cover for a one way journey on the condition that all insurance cover ceases 72 hours after the time you first leave the immigration control of your final destination country, or at the expiry date of your insurance whichever is the sooner. The final destination country will be treated as your home area and cover under this insurance will be applied accordingly.

One of my family is ill, am I covered for cancellation?

You are covered up to the sums insured for unavoidable cancellation due to the death, disablement or illness of an immediate relative or any person you are intending to travel with, provided you were not aware of this at the time of arranging your insurance. However, you will only be insured for unexpected events.

I am an EU resident, already abroad, am I able to book insurance?

Yes. We are able to provide cover subject to a no claims declaration. For more information please visit This page.

Can I extend my cover whilst I am away?

Yes. You must either purchase another policy online, or contact us on +44 (0) 1353 699082 or by email: to But, you must arrange the additional cover before the original policy expires as a gap in cover is not permitted.

Can I work while I am abroad?

Administrative or Clerical Occupations Includes voluntary work and Manual Occupations Inc Voluntary Work Only at ground level and involving no more than hand tools are covered as a Level 2 activity Check our Adventure Activities listings to see if you’re covered, or email us at with details before you buy so we can advise you accordingly.

If I have an accident or injury whilst skiing, will I be covered for mountain rescue?

Helicopter rescue is available but only if deemed medically necessary by the treating paramedic and if the area is able to accommodate the landing of a helicopter.

If I am taken ill onboard a cruise ship am I covered to be airlifted to hospital?

If there is an immediate need for a rescue helicopter it will be called either from the ship or through the Emergency Services.

I have a medical condition but I am unsure whether to declare it?

We provide detailed instructions on what to do on the Pre-existing Medical Conditions page, so please read these carefully to see if your medical condition is included as standard. If you require cover for a pre-existing medical condition not covered as standard by us, you will need to seek alternative travel insurance providers who will advise if your condition can be covered, at what price and any changes that apply may to their terms.

Will my policy cover me if my trip is cancelled due to terrorist activity?

This depends on the cover you select. The Policy excludes acts of terrorism, however, this exclusion does not apply to claims arising under Section B – Emergency medical, repatriation and other expenses, Section B1 – Hospital confinement benefit and Section C – Personal accident, will also cover unless such losses are caused by nuclear, chemical or biological attack, an insured person’s participation in active war, or the disturbances were already taking place at the beginning of any trip.

I am in the military, am I covered if I am called for duty?

Yes. Our policy covers Cancellation or curtailment as a result of your posting overseas or emergency and unavoidable requirements of duty in the Armed Forces, Police, Fire, Nursing or Ambulance Services.

Can I purchase travel insurance if I am at the airport?

Yes. As long as you have not boarded the aircraft you can take out a Globelink policy. If you have already left your country of residence and started your trip you can still take out an Already Travelling Globelink Policy. Select ‘Already Travelling’ as your ‘Type of Policy’ on the home page.

I have made my own travel arrangements, not on a package; can I still take out insurance?

Yes, it does not matter what your travel arrangements are.

Am I covered whilst riding a motorcycle?

Motorcycling (Max 250cc) up to a Maximum engine capacity of 250cc You must hold full driving license in your own Home Country for cc rating being ridden. A safety helmet must be worn at all times and must be on recognised roads. No cover for off-road, racing or competitions. For cc rating over 250cc please email

Can children be insured if travelling alone?

We cannot issue a policy for a child under 16 travelling alone. Children over 16 can purchase a Single Trip Policy to travel independently. Children under 16 who are already insured on a Globelink Annual Multi Trip family Policy are insured when travelling without the insured adults if accompanied by another responsible adult with the insured adults permission.

Can I pay an excess waiver premium?

When you arrange cover online, you can elect to pay an extra premium to delete the excess on your policy.

Can I upgrade my Europe policy to Worldwide?

Not usually once you have commenced your journey, but we will do our very best to assist wherever possible, so please call our UK team on +44 (0) 1353 699082.

Do annual policies cover travel in my home country within the European Union?

You are covered for travel within your home country withing the EU as long as you are away from home for at least 2 nights in pre-booked accommodation. There is no cover for medical expenses arising in your home country.

Is IPT included in the policy price?

All our policy prices are quoted inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax.

Is the cover per person or per policy?

All prices quoted are per policy and cover levels are per person.

What do I do if I have my passport stolen?

Your policy will cover loss of passport whilst out of the country. Passport replacement will require a trip to the Consulate and may involve travel and accommodation costs.

What activities are covered by my insurance policy?

See our Adventure Activities and if your activity isnt listed contact us with details on or call us on +44 (0) 1353 699082 and we will advise if we can cover you and whether any additional Adventure Activity premium will apply.

If you have any other question and think it might be helpful to our clients, please suggest it via the Contact Us form.

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