The Art Of Traveling Solo

23 Nov 2021 by Olga Brighton

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It may seem a bit unconventional at first. Solo Holidays, or traveling alone through foreign countries can seem like a crazy idea, but in recent times more and more travelers have discovered the joys of going just by themselves and enjoying every minute of it. The truth is travelling alone is exciting and scary at the same time. For most people it will be a step out of their comfort zone, but it could be the adventure of a lifetime.

Young women, more so than men, are discouraged to travel alone. Safety reasons are the usual cause and a frustrating reality that women are forced to take into consideration. However, its still possible to choose your location carefully and ensure you read up on savvy safety precautions as a lone traveler to maximize your safety while abroad.

Generally Europe is safe, but you can always check the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) website advice here for details on your chosen location safety and security information. So lets talk about all the good things that can come from taking a lone trip or a single holiday.

The Joy of Solo Holiday

Global travel has improved so much in recent years and it has never been easier to explore and visit long-haul destinations. Great choice of flights and trip providers and a variety of clever travel apps can help you plan and organize a unique and easy trip perfect for your needs. The ability to readily research and plan your trip has brought an era of safer and easier traveling alone that is less stressful than it was even a few years ago.

It's worth doing some research for useful travel apps – especially after Covid-19. Consider Travel Centre by IATA. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for 82% of the world’s airline traffic. The IATA Travel Centre app deliver concise information on travel requirements and documents, collecting data from over 1,600 sources, including immigration, major airports, government bodies and is regularly updated with the latest currency changes, and health regulations. Also Google Translate can be a life saver for on the go translation. Furthermore Duolingo can help you learn the language basics while you’re travelling.

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So you decide on your next destination, you have your luggage, your budget set, the itinerary agreed. Now it’s just one step on the plane towards the unknown at your pace. Take your time to find the perfect authentic restaurant, or country walk, or hidden hang out. Focus on yourself and just do what you want when you want. Go on that recommended tour, or not. Visit that museum, or give it a miss. The choice remains yours.

Retirement in France

What is the best time of year for solo travel?

Today statistics tell us that 25 percent of travelers are solo and almost 85 percent are women. So you may wonder what would be the best time of year to go solo traveling? Our suggestion would be to travel while it's not too hot and outside of peak season for your chosen location so you can enjoy your stay without the sweltering heat and hustle and bustle of too many tourists. So autumn or spring should be your first choice, winter is also a possibility but you do need to give this more thought as the weather can be more unpredictable. Going in autumn or spring should also be much more cost-effective flight wise, if booked early, accommodation should also be discounted. Look out for deals on Airbnb or

Be aware of any large events or religious festivals or times that your location may celebrate that will impact prices and how busy they are. For example Christmas will be busy in predominantly Christian locations, while December in Japan is quieter.

Famous cafes in Paris

Some of our favorite places include:

  • Spain is brimming with locations to explore. With great food and wine. Whether you’re looking for Ibiza nightlife, beachlife, or great cities steeped in history, Granada and hidden gems like Besalu in Catalonia. People are easygoing and friendly and if you decide that you want to make some friends, that will happen readily.
  • France is another top choice for any solo traveler. Paris especially. With the vast choice of museums and galleries, picturesque streets, and great food, exploring this city alone has been a successful adventure for centuries.
  • Iceland is one of the safest places on Earth and the perfect location if you want to explore nature on your own that is still off the beaten track. Visit real volcanoes, hot springs, cavernous Lava Caves and jaw dropping vistas all close enough to Reykjavik which has a great vibe to it.
  • Japan is also ideal for solo traveling. Tokyo is a sight to behold, a truly unique experience, while Kyoto is less crowded and easier to explore. The locals are always busy with their own lives but they are very welcoming to travelers. ​Not to mention that Japan is seen as safe for solo female travelers.
  • Hanoi, Vietnam has long been on the solo traveller bucket list with its amazing street food scene where you can try local delicacies on a budget. Staggering natural beauty and a rich culture its one of the most exotic and friendly places you could visit and the people are so welcoming of foreign solo travellers.

tips for solo traveling

What can you do when you are traveling solo?

Solo travelling gives you the chance to explore your location as well as yourself. There are so many benefits and life lessons with single travel that can be a truly life changing experience like improving your confidence and independence and learning to trust your intuition. Which is especially important when travelling by yourself. You will also have the time - at your own pace - to appreciate the smaller things and enjoy what’s really important to you. Whether that’s the nature around you, inner relaxation and peace, or making new friends and learning about a new culture.

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You can visit every single museum, gallery, or sightseeing spot that was not included in your initial itinerary and you won't have to debate that or negotiate with your travel companions or compromise!

Languish in a hotel spa if you fancy or explore the local food markets. There’s nobody to tell you what to do and when.

Solo travel allows you to meet people from all walks of life, test your limits and find out what is truly extraordinary to you and about you. Its your chance to try new things – whether a bike ride or skydive. Take the bus, choose to walk, or hop on a flight. The key is its your agenda and your time table. And you will have some amazing stories to tell when you get home.

Singles Holidays

To wrap up

Solo traveling, or singles holidays are a great way to explore and enjoy your personal freedom. Single trip travel insurance with COVID cover can give you the confidence you need to get off the beaten track and look for something that will truly inspire you, whilst knowing you are covered for any unforeseen medical emergencies that may crop up – wherever you are. Globelink gap year travel insurance can get you covered for up to 15 months so you don’t have to cut your trip short of risk staying uninsured. Better still if you’ve already travelled – go for Already Travelling travel insurance to stay safe. Whether it's art history, trekking, exploring museums, shopping or just sunbathing, just be sure to embrace the new location you’ve discovered and make the most of the idea of traveling solo.

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