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29 Jun 2020 by Olga Brighton

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Article updated 20th October 2020.

We’ve all been there before and forgot to buy that all-important item we need before travelling abroad. Whether it’s more sun cream, a travel adaptor or a travel pillow for the journey, it definitely pays to be organised and to buy your travel accessories in advance.

The beauty of online shopping right now is that you can do it from home, its quick, easy and inexpensive to buy most of the essential travel accessories you will ever need. If time is short and you still want some choice in terms of price range, brands and quality, you could do worse than opting for Amazon and that’s where we’ve focussed in this article. Amazon have a whole dedicated travel accessories section for you to browse and help inspire you for what you might need on your next trip. To help save you some time going through all the products and categories, we’ve come up with a list of 10 of the most commonly bought and essential Amazon travel accessories that you should consider purchasing for your next trip!

travel pillows

Travel Pillows

There are plenty of different styles and ranges of travel pillows. From a standard travel neck pillow, a blanket style options to technology enhanced pillows with headphones or electronic massagers. One of the highest rated and reviewed Amazon travel pillow is the ‘Power of Nature’ memory foam neck and head support pillow and for £14.99, it’s a great buy! If you’re looking for a kid-friendly travel pillow the BCOZZY is one of the best options to go for and rated very highly.

Travelling Bags

Having a decent travelling bag is important for many reasons but most importantly it should be sturdy and protect all your clothes and essential travelling items. Amazon have plenty of reliable options from well-known brands to reasonably priced alternatives. The Aerolite lightweight suitcase is the perfect choice for maximizing your luggage size allowance and also providing a lightweight option – so you don’t waste your valuable weight allowance on the luggage itself.

Money Belts

Ensuring your travel money and valuables are safe when travelling should always be a priority. The money belt range offers some good options from a bum bag style, to a cross-body strap bag. We suggest the Alpha Keeper money belt as it’s one of the highest rated on Amazon with nearly 5,000 positive reviews thanks to its versatility and security features.

Passport Holders

It’s essential that whenever you go travelling you keep your passport safe. There are lots of great options for passport holders. A highly rated and an ‘Amazon choice’ to go for is the ‘dayday’ passport holder which not only acts as passport holder but also has storage compartments to keep other valuables in.

luggage tags

Luggage Tags

If your travelling bag ever gets lost it’s best to have some means of contacting you on your luggage, so do it with a luggage tag. The OCTiLUX luggage tag is only £5.99 and reviewed highly because of its quality and value for money. It’s quick and easy to use and it keeps your privacy protected by only showing your name whilst attached to your luggage, enabling people to get in contact with you if your luggage goes missing, whilst still keeping your contact information confidential.

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Toiletry Bags

There’s nothing worse than leaked toiletries or liquids that ruin your clothes or other luggage. That’s why it’s wise to invest in a decent travelling toiletry bag that will keep all your liquids and cosmetics secure, compact and tidy in your luggage. The Hikenture toiletry bag is a strong and flexible option as it can be hanged anywhere and has lots of protected compartments to keep different cosmetics, liquids and toiletries secure.

Travel Wallets

Keeping your money, travel cards and any valuables safe is a top priority, especially when travelling. Visiting busy or well-known tourist areas, could make you a target for theft, so it’s important to use travelling gear that keeps you protected.There are plenty of great travel wallets that have secure compartments to keep all your valuables safe and less likely to fall out. The Vemingo Travel Wallet is rated highly by customers and is Amazon recommended. It also has RFID blocking material which means it makes it extremely hard for scammers to scan your contactless cards and help themselves to your funds without you even knowing.

luggage straps

Luggage Straps

Some suitcases come with internal straps to keep all your clothes and travelling gear compact and tidy, but sometimes your suitcase is still too big which is why an luggage strapcan come in handy. A colourful strap also helps to identify your case at the airport. The BlueCosto luggage strap is a great buy, as for £4.98 you get 2 straps to secure your bag.

Travel Adapters

Wherever you’re travelling to, it’s vital that you have a quality travel adaptor that works for that country or region so you can charge vital electronics such as your smartphone, power bank supply, camera and speakers. The Lencent USB charger is perfect for those looking for a versatile adaptor that can be used worldwide, as not only does it have 4 USB ports to change multiple devices, it also has several socket plugs that you can easily switch out for wherever you are travelling in the world. The Lencent is an ideal option as it has thousands of 5-star reviews.

Suitcase Covers

We all know that suitcases can be flung around a bit when travelling, so it’s not a bad idea to give it some extra protection with an suitcase cover. It’s really handy in helping identify your suitcase when collecting it at baggage reclaim. Some covers are also easily washable. The TOGEDI cover is one of the best available on Amazon and is anti-scratch, easily washable and super-elastic making it easier to put over your case.

We hope this article helps you with purchasing your essential travel accessories. If you are a keen Amazon purchaser and need any other help with your shopping, consider installing Amazon Assistant which is a Google plug-in that helps you find the best rated deals on Amazon.

Important travel advice: Whenever and wherever you travel, always check the FCDO’s travel advice to ensure you stay safe and travel aware.

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