The Costa Vicentina of Portugal

25 Apr 2024 by Olga Brighton

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Portugal is probably the best country in Europe to visit, if you want to be able to speak in English, have good and inexpensive accommodations, and wonderful quality food at the lowest prices you’ll find in Europe. Portuguese people are lovely! They are gracious and hospitable. You will feel welcomed.


The coastal towns, away from the bigger cities like Lisbon and Porto will offer you the most spectacular seafood at a quarter to one-third of the price you would pay for the same meal in London. If your preference is meat or chicken, Portuguese cuisine will not disappoint you. There is veal prepared in a pot roast style with potatoes that have simmered in the meat sauce and roasted lamb and wonderful grilled chicken; all frequently served with fabulous vegetables like turnip greens. This is honest food that warms the soul.



There are many wonderful beaches here! Much of the Alentejo is like Italy was 50 years ago. It has not suffered from hit & run tourism. (As in, you will not find two or more souvenir shops on the same little street) The coastline in this area has had a tradition of being protected from development, so you have extraordinary stretches of pristine coast.


The time to go is now through May if you want the least busy period possible. The rains of early Spring have passed and it is still not too hot. It is good for going to the beach or for walking and exploring. You will also find a lot of rich green landscape made possible by relatively mild winters and the Spring rains. Fall is also a good time to visit this area. The weather can hold up for going to the beach, sometimes through the end of October.



You need to plan a trip in late October closer to your travel dates so that you can know the 10 day forecast. But it will almost always be a good time to enjoy a coastline that has not changed much for thousands of years. Fair warning: the water is always very cold here, but it is some of the cleanest water in the Atlantic.



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