10 Web Services for Budget Travel

17 May 2016 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

Don’t let todays troubled economy scupper your bucket list plans. All you have to do is some advanced research on how to save your money. There are lots of useful deals online which can help you travel on budget. So check your Internet connection and read about 10 web services for budget travel which we have compiled especially for you.

Budget Accommodation


It is probably the most popular global community which helps travellers from around the world explore the cultures of other countries and save their money at the same time. Everyone willing to try this service can sign in absolutely free and invite any tourist to stay at their house during their visit. Couchsurfing is a hospitality exchange and social networking site and can offer affordable accommodation and truly social experience.


Hitchhiking remains one of the most inexpensive ways of travelling the world. But its safety can leave much to be desired, especially for those hitchhiking for the first time. Hence before you decide to take the plunge, explore Hitchwiki web service, where you can find useful information on hitchhiking i.e. advice, secrets, true storiesx, interesting places and instructions from experienced hitchhikers all over the world.


If you’re planning a flight, WhichBudget is a must-have in your bookmarks. It will help you find the cheapest overseas flight plan by using local inexpensive airlines. All you have to do is select your starting point, end point, or both and it will come up with the best deals for you. So look through the list of airlines (some of which you’ve probably never heard of) and book the most suitable flight according to your dates and savings.

Online Flight Deals


The success of Couchsurfing provoked the start of multiple imitators. Staydu is one of them. This is a website where you can find hosts ready to give you shelter anywhere in the world for free.


Even though most travel is better when planned in advance, there are still some of us who wake up one morning with an urge to go somewhere exciting immediately, or who find themselves unexpectedly needing to take a trip. For such travellers Lastminute is a must-have service providing deals on flights, hotels, city breaks and can help organize your trip in the most cost effective way in minutes.

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Guided tours, maps and itinerary-books can also cost you a lot in the foreign country. The Stay.com website is eager to help you save your money by preparing a worthy guide of the most interesting places of your chosen city. All you have to do is to pick the places you wish to visit and this online service will build a detailed manual with maps and descriptions which you can easily upload to your mobile device.


This website is vital for travellers who are planning a trip with multiple flights. Moreover, Kayak is the online service, which allows you to build your itinerary and create a bucket-list of destinations to visit.

Hotel Booking Services


Travelling the world, getting to know something new every day, helping people and making a little money as well – sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it? On Workaway.info you can find a simple job in more than 150 countries around the globe. Among the offers are volunteering, helping about the house, working on a farm, participating in international projects and many more.


On the Internet there are a lot of websites offering their services of hotel booking, but you don’t really need to know them all to make the best decision. To visit trivago.com will be enough to find and compare booking offers from 238 websites all over the world.


Hotelwatchdog is a new project of a famous AirfareWatchdog website which searches hotel listings which offer great value, and lower prices than similar nearby hotels, perfect locations and detailed trips reviews.

There are plenty of opportunities for price savvy travel in the world, so do your research, pack your bags, choose the right backpacker travel insurance policy, and go explore the world!

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