4 Unspoilt and Must Visit European Capitals

11 Nov 2014 by Olga Brighton

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What cities come to mind when you think of European Capitals? Probably, Paris, London and Rome. We have all heard hundreds of stories and travel recommendations as to visiting these beautiful cities; we’ve seen thousands of pictures of Big Ben, Coliseum and Eiffel Tower. But what about travelling to somewhere completely different and unspoilt like Ljubljana or Kishinev? Here are four marvellous European capitals you should definitely see.


Ljubljana, Slovenia

This charming capital of Slovenia captures you with its greenery, culture, architecture and the very special spirit of peace and harmony. Visit noble Ljubljana Castle and unique Dragon Bridge that was the first one in the world to be built with reinforced concrete structure. Enjoy fresh air and nature visiting a big zoo and the biggest Ljubljana Park called Tivoli. Feel the city harmony sitting in a Town Square among friendly locals. And don’t forget to taste the famous cottage cheese pancakes with tarragon which are absolutely great!


Belgrade, Serbia

The capital of Serbia combines many diverse styles in its architecture making the city bright and worth visiting. Belgrade is proud by many interesting tourist attractions so you will have plenty of things to do during your first and following trips there. Go to majestic Kalemegdan Fortress which now serves as a main city park with lots of entertainments, go shopping down Knez Mihailova Street which is crowded day and night, try delicious national food at one the restaurants or cafes on Skadarska Street, visit numerous monasteries, palaces, museums and theatres. This city won’t leave you disappointed.


Chisinau, Moldova

The capital of Moldova is the largest city in the country with a rich history. It was influenced by many different nations such as Romanians, Russians and Ottomans so there are many interesting cultural sight to see. First thing you’ll notice is the amount of trees in the city making it green and lively. This feature combines with beautiful architecture and creates a harmony of the country’s strong rural character and urban European style. Among the places to see are rich National Museums, Cathedrals, Alleys and numerous monuments. The city is also known as a Moldovan wine centre. You’ll find multiple restaurants, bars, shops and famous wine cellars to try any sort of this tipple made in Moldova. If you drive about half an hour from Chisinau centre, you have a chance to visit real wine cities underground, which are the famous cellars called Cricova and MilestiiMici. Take your time exploring the city’s profound history and culture.


Tirana, Albania

The capital of Albania may leave a triple impression when visited for the first time. It is a combination of Western Europe and Middle East with a strong old Russia flavour. The city had a lot to live through and now it is an energetic and cosmopolitan city worth visiting. Tourist especially admire the Clock Tower, Et’hem Bey Mosque, Piramida International Culture Centre, Tirana zoo and many more interesting and unique places in the capital. Just go for a walk and let this lovely city open its beauty and character to you.

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