5 Reasons You Should Book in Advance

14 May 2015 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

We have all been taught that planning early and booking in advance is always the right thing to do. However, not many of us manage to make longterm plans when it comes to vacations, as we often fear that something might change and interfere with our trip arrangements. But there are certain benefits that could make your holidays much more exciting and comfortable if you plan ahead and book in advance. See for yourself if they’re worth to make an effort and take a little risk.

1. Choose the Best Deals

Book in Advance

If you decide to book early, you’ll get a chance to choose from the cream of the crop. You can choose any room in the best hotel in the centre of Paris or the most comfortable room in the popular hostel visited by tens of budget travellers daily. The best seat on the plane can also be yours if you book your ticket ahead. No more settling for an aisle seat directly across the lavatory, start your journey in a comfy armchair of your preference. If you’re planning to rent a car, you’ll be pleased to know that early bookers here get the best car-hire options and don’t have to stick to the leftover cars for more cash.

2. Save Time and Avoid the Lines

Nobody likes to spend precious vacation time waiting. Unfortunately, standing in lines can often become a part of the trip, especially if you are travelling during high season. Pre-booked tickets mean you can avoid those tedious hours of waiting for your turn to enjoy the attraction. Plus, this will give you a chance to plan out your sightseeing plan ahead and make sure you see everything you wanted to see.

3. Make Your Journey Hassle-Free

hassle-free journey

If you have enough time to choose, take advice, change your mind and make a decision, the whole process of choosing the best deal becomes much more enjoyable. Make you holiday planning and the booking process a pleasurable experience, not a panic when you stress about the lack of time and make hasty decisions. Besides, when you don’t book in advance you’re more likely to overlook small details you would notice if you had more time.

4. Save Money

It’s a common knowledge that booking ahead often means cheaper tickets and smaller fees. Booking even five weeks in advance can significantly decrease the prices. You can also try to book tickets for the next year around Christmas – many budget airline offer early birds very decent discounts at this time. In addition to getting the better deal for less money, you can avoid many heavy foreign transaction fees and exchange rates that you may come along with cash and card transactions you’ll need to do when you arrive.

5. Change Your Plans Anytime

change your plans

Booking ahead doesn’t mean that you have to be locked into you travel plans. Most companies will let you change or even cancel your booking just days before your trip starts. So even if you love spontaneity, booking in advance may be exactly what you need to make the most of you journey.

When you’ve booked the best tickets, seats, rooms and made the best deals, don’t forget to take out the best travel insurance policy in advance. This way you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your time before the trip, as well as you stress-free vacation without ever worrying about a thing.

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