5 Things You'll Definitely Start Using for Travelling

12 May 2015 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

Modern market is crammed with travel gear and gadgets that can make even the longest trips easy and hassle-free. But there is no need to spend a fortune before your journey even starts, just look around the house and you will find that a lot of small thing you don’t usually notice can become real life-savers on the road.

1. Safety Pins

Safety pins

Small supply of humble safety pins can save you a lot of trouble on your trip. Faulty zippers can drive anyone crazy, but safety pins threaded through main fastener can save the day if the tab breaks or falls off. This can often happen not only with our favourite pair of old jeans, but also with our backpacks, travel gear and other zippered items. And don’t forget about the buttons that tend to fall off in the most inappropriate moments. We don’t always have time for sewing or any spare buttons on our hands, so safety pin can help you secure any unwanted gaps in no time.

2. Plastic Zipper Bags

This multi-use item is a must have which will come in handy for every traveller, but we still seem to forget about it before packing. Make sure you have a good supply of plastic zipper bags before you next trip. Put all your toiletries in these bags and you won’t have to worry about shampoo exploding in your baggage right onto your clothes. Zipper on the bag, as well as the thickness of the plastic will prevent any nasty surprises. These bags can also come in handy in any outdoor activities, as they are the safest way of protecting items from getting dirty or damaged. For example, you can zip your phone in a zipper bag, so it won’t get scratched or soaked.

3. Pill Cases

Pill case

Plastic daily pill cases used for storing medication can be especially useful, but not only for its initial purpose. If you don’t want to leave you jewellery at home while you’re away taking pictures without your favourite bijouterie. You can place your wedding bands, bracelets and earrings for every day of a week in separate slots and be sure they will be safe there. Don’t forget to leave a couple of slots for the jewellery you’ll buy in your travel destination.

4. Dryer Sheets

This form of fry fabric softeners is usually used to eliminate the static cling in laundry, as well as soften and freshen up the fabric. We often overlook the ways to use this invention when we pack for the trip. Sticking dryer sheets in your suitcase between your clothes will keep them smelling fresh all trip long.

5. Duct Tape

Duct tape

Duct tape is one of the most useful tools around the house, but can be even more useful when you’re on the trip. When you’re travelling, things tend to get broken. Duct tape is an easy solution for everything from a broken luggage handle to clothing tear fixes. More dangerous damages like cuts in need of stitching can also be temporarily fixed with a duct tape if the hospital is miles away. Duct tape is also an excellent way to identify your luggage, but make sure to choose the bright colour for your bag so It would really stand out.

Grab these small things before setting off on a new adventure and you will see how much easier your travel routine can be. Another way to make your trips hassle-free and light is to take out proper travel insurance policy. You may not be sure you will need it, but you will definitely breathe with ease if you’ll do.

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