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6 Things You Didn't Know About Packing

14 July 2015 by Anna Staford

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As most other travellers, you've probably read and heard your share of packing tips, but here are the six things you never knew about packing. Follow them and you will thank yourself later.

1. See-through plastic bags are life savers

packing tips

A range of see-through plastic bags can serve various purposes. You can separate your dirty clothes in them and keep your fresh clothes clean. Use them for your toiletries and makeup so you don’t risk spillages and mess. They can also be very useful if you like to compartmentalize so everything is easily accessible so you avoid having to take everything out of your bag.

2. Scarves and bandanas can be your best friends

These accessories take almost zero room in the suitcase, but sometimes can make your travel wardrobe more versatile than an additional set of clothes. They can help you create different outfit with the same tops and bottoms. Additionally scarves and bandanas can serve as protection from both sun and cold. They can also make good souvenirs, as they are sold all over the world and won’t take much space in your bag, even if you buy one for every friend and family member.

3. A bottle of essential oil is a godsend

Essential Oils

Essential oils are great for both health and cosmetic purposes. It can help you ward off bacteria and germs. Serve as a natural substitute for a moisturizing or nourishing cream and will also take less room in your suitcase. If you wish to add a bit of scent but dragging your perfume bottle on a trip seems excessive, essential oils can be a good substitute. Lemon oil make a good smelling hand sanitizer.

4. Cardigans and jackets are must-have

Whether you are going sightseeing or for a walk in the city, always take a cardigan with you, even in the summer heat. On a chilly plane, on an evening by the water, or simply in a moody weather you might need the additional layer. Also, some locations around the world have strict rules about bare arms and shoulders (especially religious sites, but also public buildings and restaurants etc.,). Jackets and cardigans eliminate the possibility of getting cold or being turned away from somewhere you want to visit.

5. Labels on luggage can save you a whole lot of trouble

luggage tags

Take a minute and label your luggage both on the outside and the inside with your name and your phone number. Do not add your home address, use the office’s if an address is needed. Don’t forget to remove old baggage tags as they may cause confusion. In the worst case scenario and your luggage gets lost, it will be much easier to identify it. For other unexpected problems you can fall back on your travel insurance cover that will protect you against various possible mishaps like illness, accidents, theft.

6. An emergency pouch in a carry-on is a blessing

Sometimes you can be forced to surrender your carry-on luggage at the last minute, because the overhead luggage shelves are full. This is why packing all the things you can’t live without in small pouch is a good idea. So pack you medication, documents, money, jewellery, mobile, and keys in a smaller bag and pack it on the top layer of your hand luggage.

There are many things you can pack with you to make your trip easier and more comfortable, but the most essential thing you need to take with you is your travel insurance policy. Without it you risk holiday mishaps turning into nightmares.

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