6 Time-Saving Tips for Your Business Trip

10 Mar 2015 by Olga Brighton

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No matter how many times you have travelled there are always some details to improve upon. Preparing a holiday trip can be relaxing and usually there is plenty of time to get ready, but when it comes to a business trip, you may have little notice and you will certainly want to avoid hassle. Here are 6 top tips that can save time.

1. Book direct flights whever possible

Your company or travel agent may source the cheapest option available but beware of transfer times, risk of missing connections and expensive overnight stays near the airport if you go for very early, or late flight options. Ask for the alternatives, or do some research yourself. It may be better in the long run to pay a bit extra for a direct flight and reduce the risk of transport hiccups and the extra stress or issues this may cause to your trip.

book direct

2. Pack smart and have a bag ready packed

If you often travel for business it is a great idea to have a travel bag packed and ready to go. Even if you just stick to the essential basics, like toiletries (liquids under 100ml for hand luggage), night wear, electricity adapter and a spare phone charger, this will save time and reduce the risk of anything being forgotten. It’s worth investing in travel accessories (toothbrush, hairdryer, straighteners, shaver) so your bag stays as light as possible.

3. Don’t be the person everyone hates at theairport security checks

Don’t carry that huge bottle of perfume, or have pockets full of unnecessary papers so you can’t find the ones that matter! Check the size of your liquids, have them ready in the required plastic bag (which you should have from your last trip!), empty pockets and have all your travel documents ready and accessible. Try to avoid metal items and belts which can all slow the security process.

security checks

4. Choose smaller airports

This may not be an option for you, but always think to check, or get your travel agent to check. They may be conveniently close, can save you money, minimise parking and hire car hassle and significantly reduce check-in and exit times.

5. Programme your GPS and phone

Put the addresses you will need into your GPS unit in advance and mark them as favourites to have a quick access to them. Do the same on your phone Map App. Add everything including restaurants, cafes, hotels, and any other places you might want to visit.


6. Choose seats near the front

Check available seats online, even after you have booked them, as you may find new availability nearer the front so its quicker to leave the plane when you arrive.

Sticking to some simple techniques will save you time and make your business trips more effective and less stressful. Also don’t forget to make sure that you are covered for your trip with a reliable travel insurance policy that extends to business trips. Take a look at Globelink’s annual multi-trip travel insurance and keep travelling safely with Globelink.

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