6 Ways to Make Your Flight Better

18 Nov 2014 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

If you are among the majority of travellers who can’t afford flying First Class, you probably know about all the annoyances of an Economy Class flight all too well. Too much noise, too little leg room, crying babies and unbelievably stiff seats - these are just a few things that make the process of reaching our destination a nightmare. But we all feel that it doesn’t have to be like that. And here are 6 tips that can help you turn your Economy Class flight into a relaxing and comfy experience.

1. Choose Your Seats Smart

Plane Seats

If you don’t want a frequent toiler visitor to crawl over you every half an hour, take a window seat. If you are that frequent toilet visitor, try to choose the aisle seats. Remember that exit row famous for its extra leg room, has non-reclining seats. Better choose the row behind the exit row, so you don’t gave have anyone reclining in from of you.

2. Invest in an Inflatable Foot Rest

Not all aircraft seats come with metal fold-down footrests. Some passengers end up dangling their legs above the floor or spend the whole flight trying to find a comfortable position for them. You can, of course, put your feet on a carry-on, but a special product will be a much better comfort-booster. It will not only help your circulation, but will also prevent possible swelling and joint pain.

3. Get Yourself a Good Travel Pillow

Travel Pillow

Poor sleep and neck ache are one of the worst things that a long flight can give you. Free cushions given out on some long flights hardly make any difference, as they are flat, too thin and start slipping down as you fall asleep. Instead buy a top quality inflatable pillow and you will thank yourself later for the subtle neck support and healthy sleep.

4. Bring a Good Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks are life saviors if you’re changing flights or flying at night. They will block the ambient light and will let you have a good rest. Choose the more expensive one with eye cavities built into the mask. This way your eyes will not be obstructed during the REM stage of sleep.

5. Bring Some Ear Plugs or Good Headphones

Travel with Headphones

Hardly anything can annoy more on the plane than chatty neighbours, crying babies or any other loud noises that never seem to stop. If you want to relax on your flight or at least protect your sanity, make sure you’re fully prepared. Choose some noise-cancelling headphones and you may even be able to listen to your favourite songs or fall asleep listening to quiet calming sounds. If you prefer silence, choose wonderful but underrated ear plugs that probably won’t cost you more than a few pounds.

6. Be on a Lookout for Empty Seats

Empty Plane Seats

Some flights may have empty seats and even rows. Three seats are always better than one, so why not try your luck and ask flight attendant if you can move. You will be able lift your arms, relax more and even lie down across the full row. Just think about this level of comfort. It’s even worth all the jealous looks your neighbors might give you if your plan succeeds.

To completely relax and let go all of the worries the moment your plane takes off, you need to feel as secure as possible. An appropriate travel insurance cover will make you sure that even if anything unexpected happens, you won’t have to deal with any financial problems in a foreign country because of that. This overlooked investment will provide you with a peace of mind for the whole trip and save the day right when you need it.

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