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7 Must-Have Travel Accessories and Where to Buy Them

30 April 2019 by Anna Staford

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Travel is something that broadens the mind and opens up a whole world of possibilities. To get the most out of your travel experience however, it’s worth having the right travel essentials and accessories. Knowing what to purchase and pack for your travel experience is vital. To make your trip that little bit easier, here are 7 must-have travel accessories you should seriously consider purchasing.

Water bottle

Water bottle

Hold on, a water bottle, really? You can purchase bottles of water from virtually anywhere, so surely a regular water bottle isn’t a travel essential? Well, actually it is. You will certainly have to ditch your bottle of water before airport security because of strict regulations around liquids. Then be forced to buy another one in the airport at top price. Travel water bottles, however, are ideal. There are silicone water bottles that can be purchased that are leakproof, very light in weight and can easily be folded up to save space when not in use. Best of all is they are much more environmentally friendly as you’re not buying plastic each time you need a refill and its super cost effective as you can fill up at your accommodation (even airports have water fountains these days) and finally, they are reinforced, so you needn’t worry about them leaking.

Money belt bag

Money belt bag

You will doubtless be carrying more cash than you might usually carry, so a money belt is really essential. If you lose your money, or have it stolen, your holiday could be ruined, and you might even end up cutting your trip short unless you can sort replacement cash. Money belts help to keep your cash, and other small items such as bank cards, tickets, etc, safe, zipped away, hidden from sight, and on you at all times. They are inexpensive and provide a discrete option for carrying valuables.

Travel pillow

Travel pillow

Flying may be practical and convenient, but it sure isn’t the most comfortable, especially on long journeys. This is where an inflatable travel pillow come in handy. Travel pillows are now ergonomically designed to keep your head and neck stable while you sleep. They are also great for long car journeys, rail and coach travel during your trip.

Documents organiser

Documents organiser

We know that most of our documents and essential information can be help on our smart phones nowadays but you sometimes can’t avoid paper copies and in any case, you can’t beat having a paper back-up. A documents organizer is another hugely important accessory that’s worth investing in. They are light weight and can feature a number of pockets and compartments so that all essential travel documents are safe and organised for quick, easy access. Many of these products also have RFID blocking capabilities, or anti-theft/slash proof fabric for added security.

Baggage lock

Baggage lock

A baggage/luggage lock may seem painfully simple, but you’d be amazed by just what a difference these tiny little locks can make. By simply placing one of these locks on the zip of your bags or cases, you will deter thieves looking for a quick and easy steal. These are extremely cheap but will definitely deter opportunists.

Portable USB charger and plug adapter

Power bank

There’s nothing more frustrating that your smartphone or devices running out of battery power, especially while you’re out and about on holiday. A pocket or portable charger is the ideal gadget, especially for days when you won’t be anywhere near an electrical outlet to charge your devices. There is plenty of choice, but its best to opt for a small charger that fits in your day bag. Choose power banks that have top charging speeds. Also look for crush-proof options that are lightweight and durable. Chose an international travel adapter, which comes complete with USB ports. Multi-hub USB chargers are fantastic for keeping your electronics charged at all times, so you’ll never run out of battery power again.

Portable luggage scales

Portable scales

It’s all too easy to over indulge in souvenirs and holiday purchases while away and these items all weigh something! This is all well and good until you get to baggage check-in and find you’ve tipped your luggage over the permitted baggage allowance. Most airlines charge exorbitant fees for excess weight, so you can easily avoid this expensive, stressful headache by investing in portable luggage scales. Choose a small, digital, durable option for better accuracy. Some of the top-rated options include Air Weigh Digital, American Digital, and Dunheger Luggage Scales. This will save guess work and avoid you having to ditch items at the check-in, or wearing several layers of clothing home to save suitcase weight!

There are a number of online shops where you could buy different travel accessories for your upcoming trip, however, the widest range of travel accessories can be found at the following online providers – John Lewis, Amazon, Finegadgets.

Be travel smart and invest in these stress and cost saving items and do yourself a favour and buy travel insurance as soon as you pay for your trip. Also check FCO’s travel advice to help you stay safe and secure wherever you are travelling.

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