7 Top Travel Bloggers to Inspire You

19 Aug 2019 by Olga Brighton

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Thinking of taking a trip and heading away for a well-earned break? If so, then do you have any idea of where you’d like to head to? If you’re looking for inspiration on where to go and what to see, these top travel bloggers are definitely worth checking out. The bloggers we’re about to look at are amongst the best of the best. Here are 7 of the best travel bloggers you should definitely check out.

1. A Broken Backpack

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First on our list we have A Broken Backpack. This blog is by travel blogger Mel, who has been operating abroad since the summer of 2014. A Broken Backpack is the ultimate travel blog for anybody thinking of heading away on holiday, but who perhaps doesn’t quite know where to head to. Melissa Giroux is a digital nomad who travels the world, visiting some of the most spectacular places on our wonderful planet. Her blogs are detailed, yet informal and exciting at the same time. Originally from Canada, Melissa’s first foray into travel blogging began during a hitchhiking trip to the Canadian Rockies. She then spent two years in Australia before heading to Asia, the UK, and Asia once more. Her blogs are interesting because they aren’t just generic travel blogs, she covers political topics, controversial topics, and slightly more leftfield content. If this sounds good to you, be sure to look at some of her content.

2. The Blog Abroad

Up next we have The Blog Abroad. This travel blog is perfect for those of you who are perhaps slightly more spiritual than usual, and who enjoy positive thinking and good vibes. From the welcome page of the blog, you just know reading it will lift your spirits and improve your mood. The Blog Abroad has been featured in numerous publications, including: BuzzFeed, Essence, The Huffington Post, The Oprah Magazine, and plenty more besides. It’s particularly useful if you’re planning a trip and aren’t quite sure where to begin, as the Travel Resources section will prove especially useful.

3. Lili’s Travel Plans

the blog abroad

Lili’s Travel Plans is a blog that you should read if you’re not just simply thinking of a getaway, but are thinking of embarking on your own travel adventure. The work of Lili, Lili’s Travel Plans is a blog that’s fairly new. In August of 2017, she decided to book herself a one-way ticket to Tanzania. She sold everything she didn’t need, packed her cases and off she went. After years of being stuck in a rut and feeling as if something was missing, she did what most people can only dream of. Lili’s Travel Plans is her story. In this blog, you’ll learn all about her adventures, you’ll hear about and see the people she meets and you’ll see the real, unfiltered world of travel in Tanzania. Needless to say, if Tanzania is particularly interesting or appealing to you, you’ll love this blog.

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4. Piccavey

Thinking of heading to Spain? If so, you need to take a look at Piccavey. This is a travel blog covering the food, culture, and travel in the country of Spain. Created by a young woman originally from Nottingham, UK, Piccavey is a blog that has been more than ten years in the making. Piccavey is fantastic because the layout of the blog is so easy to follow. If you’re a foodie for example, you don’t need to sift through endless blogs about music and culture, as the dropdown menu allows you to select content based upon Spanish food in seconds. There are cultural sections, detailed content on Granada, sections on life as an expat in Spain, and plenty more besides. The layout of the blog is also quirky and eye-catching.

5. Along Dusty Roads

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Along Dusty Roads is the work of Andrew and Emily. The blog itself was conceived back in 2014 after the couple made the brave decision to book a one-way flight to Mexico. Packing enough money for two years, a couple of laptops, cameras, and two large backpacks, the pair jetted off to begin their adventure. Years later and they have established themselves as two of the best travel bloggers in the business. Along Dusty Roads has won multiple awards and is a fantastic read. It’s great because they cover so many topics. From day trips to Cartagena, to winter visits to Chernobyl, you could spend hours reading their content and still find yourself as engaged and invested as you were at the start.

6. Charlie on Travel

Charlie on Travel is described as being a sustainable UK Travel blog. It is the work of Charlie Marchant, featuring content from her partner Luke Nicholson. Describing themselves as ‘slow travellers’ with a passion for nature, Charlie on Travel is the perfect blog for people who have a vested interest in the environment, in nature, in sustainability, in the planet, and in travel in general. Their vegan and vegetarian travel blogs in particular, have been generating a lot of positive feedback online.

7. Fab Meets World

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Last, but certainly not least, we have Fab Meets World. Fab Meets World is the work of Fabio, a Portuguese digital marketer and blogger with a love for technology, travel, and food. Fab Meets World is a great travel blog to read because it’s so simply laid out. It’s open, honest, and straight to the point. There are sections on food, blogs offering tips and advice on accommodation, blogs on luxury travel, and plenty more besides. If you’re thinking of booking a trip abroad, Fabio offers helpful reviews on hotels and other forms of accommodation.

So, with that, we’ll bring today’s article to a close. Hopefully now that you’re more aware of some of the top travel bloggers in the industry, you’ll read their best travel blogs and draw inspiration to embark on your own adventure, wherever that may be.

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