8 New Travel Products You'll Want for Your Next Trip

20 Dec 2016 by Olga Brighton

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Travelling is fun. Especially when you have a great new accessory that you are just dying to try out! Along with your new swimwear and tent (depending on your choice of holiday), you may want to check out the following travel products:

1. RAV Power Solar Panel

With all the electric gizmos we use today, we have a constant need for electricity. This foldable solar panel is the size of a large tablet and allows you to recharge your electric devices. Although it works fairly well even in cloudy weather, its peak performance is on a sunny day. If you are backpacking you can hang it from your pack and use it to charge your external battery pack as you go so you can later recharge your devices. Alternatively, you can sit back and sunbath while you charge devices at optimum speed. Find it on Amazon for £32.99.

2. AMPL Bag

Smart travel bag

This is the bag of your dreams if you depend on electronic devices. It contains 4 different battery packs to charge your devices on the go and it can be plugged into a wall socket to recharge. At the same time, it’s been designed with a shock absorbing sole and water-resistant fabric. To make it even better you can monitor and control the internal temperature of the bag and other parameters from your smartphone using an app, it even alerts you if you leave your bag behind, or if someone takes it from you.

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3. Compressed Towels

Smaller than your thumb, this towel just needs water added to expand up to 25cm x 19.5cm. a very handy and inexpensive option on Amazon for £2.99 or bulk buy a hundred for £10.99.

4. Luminette

This pair of futuristic glasses will help you adapt to different time zones. If you travel a lot around the world, jetlag can be a problem. These glasses emit light that will set your biological clock to ‘the right time’ using light, and allow you to adapt to the new time zone. The idea is great if you can afford them on Amazon at £199.

5. Scrubba Wash Bag

Wash travel bag

This must be the smallest portable washing machine. It is a bag made out of plastic with an in-built washboard where you put your clothes plus water and soap, and press and rub your clothes in the bag for 3 minutes if you want a reasonable clothes wash whilst away. Then you only have to empty the dirty water and fill it with clean water to rinse your clothes. It is perfect if you love outdoors activities like camping and you it is only $41.28 on Amazon.

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6. The AirBolt Lock

This is a sturdy lock for your suitcase. Using a steel cable, you can attach it to your zips. Unlike other locks you don’t have to use keys or codes to lock it and unlock it; you use your phone. It comes with an app that allows you to track your bag, set an alarm in case someone tampers with the lock, or the bag goes too far without you. It can also ping you when the suitcase arrives on the carousel so that you can find it easily. For only $59.95 on an official site this could provide better security and ease of travel for many years.

7. The Rise & Hang Bag

It looks like a normal gym bag, but it really is more than that. Instead of unpacking everything and hanging it up in your wardrobe, this bag is designed so that you only have to hang the bag itself. Then, the shelving system in the bag deploys and you can easily access all your clothes which are tidily folded in separated shelves. There is even a special compartment at the bottom for your laundry.

8.The Static V

Travel air mattress

This is a portable air mattress that will help you to rest when you don’t have a proper bed to sleep on. Unlike other inflatable mattresses, this one can be inflated with only 15 breaths. It only weighs 514 grams. It is mapped with a special V shape that provides insulation and comfort. It can be carried anywhere since it only measures 7.62 x 20.3 cm when packed and it expands to 183 x 59 x 6.5 cm. once inflated. Whether you go camping or you spend long waiting times between flights at the airport, this mattress is what you need. For only £89.00 on Amazon.

Why not make your holiday a little easier and a lot more exciting by trying one of the above awesome yet practical gadgets? You may wonder how you ever travelled without them!

Remember to add an extra cover for valuables to your standard travel insurance policy to make sure your new and loved products are covered against the unexpected theft, loss or damage.

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