8 Websites that Make Travelling Easier

09 Apr 2015 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

For some people, travelling is a passion and a lifestyle, and for others it is work and business. Whatever your reason for travel, its good to make it as trouble free as possible. Here are 8 websites that are aimed at making travellers’ lives better and easier.

1. Booking.com


The website provides online accommodation booking all over the world. It claims to have more than 650,000 room reservations per day. The service is well-known and trusted being established in 1996 and having over 540,000 properties around the world. It is available in more than 40 languages and doesn’t take fees for booking.

2. TripAdvisor

Here you can find reviews on any travel-related topics. Cities, hotels, museums, restaurants, exhibitions, travel operators and travel insurance providers – these all are just a tip of an iceberg. Read about your travel destinations, share experience, communicate with other travellers, ask, discuss and answer. It users who provide almost all the website content being a united global travel community.

3. Expedia

airline tickets

Whenever you need to do a lot of bookings, go to this website. It helps you booking airline tickets, car rentals, hotel rooms, cruises, holiday packages, tourist attractions and services. Everything is in one place. The site navigation is quick and easy and its usefulness can hardly be overestimated.

4. Google Maps

This mobile and desktop web mapping application is invaluable for travellers. It offers satellite view, street maps, route planner depending on a type of vehicle, as well as locating urban businesses, organisations and public attractions around the world. Google Maps Mobile Application is the most popular smartphone application in the world.

5. Skypicker

flight search

This is a specially designed flight search engine that finds and allows booking the cheapest airplane tickets. You can either mark your departure and destination places on a map or type it in a special field. The website is very easy to use and it is a great helper for budget travellers and anyone willing to save some money on the flight.

6. Hostelworld

If you prefer staying in hostels while travelling, this is the right website to find a nice place. It offers hostels in more than 165 countries worldwide with no fees for booking. More than 250,000 people book their hostels via this website making it trustworthy and reliable.

7. Spotted by Locals

travel guides

This is a unique website publishing travel guides on 57 major cities of Europe and 9 cities of North America written by authors living in these cities. Usually, there are 4 or 6 writers in every city sharing their true experience’s and opinion’s about different places and their own favourite spots. The information is always kept up to date giving the readers a chance to avoid typical and overcrowded tourist attractions and visit the real city treasures advised by locals instead.

8. Gogobot

The company is often called a social network for travellers. Indeed, it is like Facebook only for those who travel. As you sign up, you get a traveller’s passport and as you add your reviews on places you’ve visited the website sorts them to the appropriate categories. You are free to add your pictures, follow friends or experienced travellers, discover various destinations and attractions, plan your perfect itinerary, ask questions and interact with like-minded people. The website design is great and it is very easy to find what you want, including travel style tribes and recommendation on exactly what you are interested in.

As you see, there are different useful web services aimed at assisting you while you plan to travel, actually travel, and share your valuable experience after travelling. The only thing left to be recommended is getting covered while travelling and for that reason investing in a reliable travel insurance policy to avoid unpredictable spending and to have only positive memories after trips.

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