9 Ways to Feel Like a Superhero at the Airport

25 Nov 2014 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

It goes without saying, that travelling is great. Visiting new places, meeting different people and facing new adventures broadens your horizons and makes you a more experienced person. But there are some tiny things that can spoil the experience even before you get aboard, namely the time spent at the airport. Find out how to make it easier and faster, saving time, money and nerves and leave you feeling like a superhero.

Scan Travel Documents

1) Scan all important documents you travel with and the ones you may need. You never know what may happen to you and your belongings while travelling. If you lose them or have them stolen, you’ll have copies of everything you need on your tablet, smartphone, or cloud to save trouble during your trip.

2) Reduce the check-in time at the airport. Whilst in the security checks queue, pull out your lap-top, phone and digital devices from your hand luggage as these will need to go through the security system separately. Also avoid wearing belts and jewellery as these will need to come off to go through the scanners too.

Pack Light

3) Try to pack everything in carryon luggage. Travelling with just one bag is much more convenient, quicker and easier, especially when going through the airport. You can use vacuum bags for packing which hugely lessens your goods’ size (but beware of weight restrictions).

4) If you hate buying expensive water at the airport, take an empty bottle with you and fill it with water after the luggage inspection.

Choose Plane Seats

5) Choose a seat near the aircraft wing if you suffer from travel sickness. You will feel less turbulence on these seats and this should avoid air sickness.

6) Travel with a portable or emergency charger in your hand luggage. This could save a lot of stress if your phone or tablet battery runs low.

Airport Wi-Fi Hacks

7) If the airport doesn’t offer free Wifi, you can try sitting outside one of the Airport Lounge’s and use its wifi which may be accessible. Moreover, you may find the wifi passwords in Foursquare comments. As an option, you may add ‘?.jpg’ in the end of any url to avoid costs of airport wifi.

8) Check the cash machine exchange rates before you go for the currency exchange at the airport. Most cash machines have a more beneficial exchange rate.

Fragile Travel Baggage

9) Marking your luggage as a ‘fragile’ can save your time. Even if you do not have any delicate items in your suitcase, the airport staff will treat it more carefully and often put your luggage on top of others and thus it can appear first on the conveyor belt.

The trip may start faster and easier with these little time and money saving tips. One more thing to not be forgotten is, of course, a reliable travel insurance policy which allows you to travel safe and sound.

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