Best Ever Globelink Festive Season Security and Travel Tips 2019

16 Dec 2019 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

Keep Christmas the most wonderful time of the year with our best ever security & travel guide this festive season.

Security and Safety Tips

Will your home be unattended over Christmas?

  • Popping out? Don't leave a note for couriers. Use online tracking services to designate a safe location, or arrange re-delivery.
  • Treat yourself to an early Christmas gift of an automatic timer for lights to deter thieves.
  • Don’t close curtains or blinds. It’s a sure sign that you’re out for a while.
  • Don’t announce travel plans on social media, or tag your exotic location on Facebook.
  • Avoid surefire give-away answerphone messages like “We’re in Bermuda for Christmas…”.
  • Ask neighbours or friends to open and close curtains and park on your drive for that “I’m home” impression.
  • Hide all house and car keys out of sight and nowhere near doors or windows.
  • Fit multi-point lock system and anti-lift device to sliding doors so they can’t be lifted clear from their frame.
  • Check your fairy lights carry a British Standard logo or EU equivalent to avoid fire risk.
  • Switch off decorative lights at the socket when you’re asleep or out.
  • Be wise when throwing away packaging. Opportunist burglars will know exactly which house has the best treats for them otherwise.
  • Don’t leave tempting piles of wrapped prezzies under your tree and visible from outdoors.
Christmas Safety Tips

Travel Tips

  • Make a list and check it twice. That way you will remember everything.
  • Plan your route in good time and have a back-up plan where possible. Check regularly for changes, cancelations, scheduled works. Especially on the day of travel for unexpected hiccups.
  • Don’t leave essential Pre-Travel Car checks ‘til the last minute.
  • Get stuffing! Utilise shoes you pack to the max, by stuffing them with other small items.
  • Pack clothes items that can be dressed up or down to suit multiple occasions.
  • Your mince pies may be legendary family favourites, but if crossing borders, check food restrictions.
  • Most airlines won’t allow Christmas Crackers, party poppers, fireworks, or sparklers.
  • Don’t pre-wrap gifts in case you’re selected for security checks.
  • Leave space for any gifts or goodies you might pick up while away.
  • Avoid problems at home by keeping heating on low and insulating outdoor pipes.
  • Don’t leave home without Travel Insurance for those unexpected mishaps while you’re away.
  • If you’ve already travelled just choose an Already Travelling Policy from Globelink.

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