Best Travel YouTube Channels to Inspire You

02 Jun 2020 by Olga Brighton

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YouTube is a great platform to source travel tips, guidance and to get inspiration for your next travels and exciting trips abroad! With more and more unique, helpful and experienced travel vloggers out there, it’s no wonder that YouTube has become one of the go-to tools to get holidaymakers excited for their travel plans!

We’ve done our research to share the best YouTube channels that consistently produce high-quality content that helps keen travellers like yourself. See our top 10 best travel YouTube channels that will help you to plan your next trip and inspire you for your next travel destination!

1. Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet are a well-known travel information company that produce travel guide books and printed resources. They have some really helpful videos on their YouTube channel that showcase their top recommendations of places to visit and the best time to visit the tourist destinations. Many of us like to know the answers to questions like “what’s the best time to go for good weather or local events?” or “what country is safe and rated highly to visit this year?”. The Lonely Planet videos are great for answering these frequently asked questions.

2. Flying the Nest

Flying the Nest are an Australian couple called Stephen and Jessica that have flown all over the world to experience the culture and beautiful scenery of any location you can think of! They offer insightful information of their experiences in each destination whilst recommending how you can travel to these places on a budget. A really useful channel to see what activities you can experience in each location.

3. Dabble and Travel

Dabble and Travel are a couple called Molly and Matt that originate from London in the UK and they’ve recently come on to travel vlogger scene in the last year or so. Most of their recent videos have been focussed on countries in Asia such as the Philippines, Sri Lanka and India. But they have some great tips for finding the best kept secrets of where to visit in these countries and sharing their own adventures for others to see what they could experience as well.

4. Danegar and Stacy

Interested in road trips, sailing adventures and travelling in style? Danegar and Stacy are avid travellers from New Zealand who produce detailed video collections on their travel routes, their food and cultural experiences in each country they visit. If you have a destination in mind and you really want to understand what the local life is like, then Danegar and Stacy create informative videos that share the cultural lifestyle of each destination.

5. Foreign & Commonwealth Office

The FCDO is the official governmental resource for travel guidance and advice for all the latest travel warnings, safety and security. It’s key that you keep up to date with the FCDO’s website as well so you’re aware of where not to travel to because of safety concerns. If you want to keep up to with current news affairs and how this impacts countries across the world, then the FCDO will help you to do so.

6. The Life of Jord

Jordan Simons (known as Life of Jord) is a solo YouTube vlogger and traveller who has been travelling around the world since 2014. His cinematic style, impressive video and photography capture really show the beauty of all the locations he visits. Jordan has visited over 80+ plus countries and his mission is to share how easy it is to travel the world and help people with their passion of visiting unique and upcoming destinations.

7. Bald and Bankrupt

The well-known and subscribed YouTube channel, Bald and Bankrupt, is run by English solo travel vlogger and author called Benjamin Rich. He’s managed to create this fanbase and following by posting videos showing the travel and lifestyle experiences of post-Soviet state countries and India. If you’re looking for an entertaining and humorous approach to travelling life (and you like the well-known comedy travel series ‘An Idiot Abroad’), then this a must-watch for you!

8. White Spot Pirates

White Spot Pirates is a channel managed and produced by a solo German female traveller called Nike. She decided to quit her job in early thirties to pursue her dream of travelling by embarking on a sailing adventure around the world. To see her personal sea voyage and her stories of where she docks next, take a look at her videos and website.

9. Story Travelers

The Story Travelers are a company of collective videographers, filmmakers photographers and storytellers who have a shared passion to reveal genuine travel experiences. The sheer quality of the visual shots and cinematic experience told through a captive engaging narrator makes this travel YouTube channel a piece of art!

10. BackPacker Steve

BackPacker Steve is a German solo traveller who has been travelling around the world since 2010 and sharing his own unique travel experiences. His videos are very useful for understanding what specific places you should see in certain countries and the best activities or sightseeing stops as he usually entitles his video in an easy list format such as “10 things to do in Havana, Cuba”. If you’re a keen adventurer who likes to jampack your travels, then give his channel a watch!

Important travel advice: Whenever and wherever you travel, always check the FCDO’s travel advice to ensure you stay safe and travel aware.

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